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  • Havin` a Ball

    * PLEASE send corrections to the typist [Intro] Uhh, Huhh, Uhh, Huhh, Uhh, Huhh, Uhh, Huhh, Yeah [Chorus 4x] Cleveland better believe in we stay thieveing Neverly sieving ur Flesh-n-Bone`s better Mo` Thug not havin` a ball [Verse 1: Flesh –N-Bon...

Kottonmouth Kings f Insane Clown Posse

  • Wicket Klowns

    Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse!! When I get to California... (It`s on!!) When I get there... (Suburban Noize!!) When I get to California... Hook me up with one of them chicks, (Psychoathic!!) And when you get to the Mid-West...

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz f Cam`Ron

  • Streets 2 Da Stage

    Verse 1: Peter Gunz It’s been a long time comin, but I came Coulda drove a nigga crazy, but I’m sane Been a lotta fun, lotta pain Lotta shit changed, I use to hop trains Now I’m hoppin in planes headed for Lanes I use to have a job but I quit Niggas i...

Frayser Boy f H.C.P.

  • H.C.P.

    [DJ Paul] Yeah, H.C.P. Defeat does not exist in this Camp Do you hear me it`s goin down Yhe niggaz who`s sellin for real Ya boys hurtin out there man I see your sound scans we killin you baby And we gon keep bringing this pain and this motherfuckin bum...

Lunasicc (Luni Coleone)

  • All I Ever Wanted

    First Verse: I see some stankin` booty hoes y`all, in the mall They all on my nuts, boy I`m tryin` to get `em all Where my Bitch-Be-Gone spray? Fresh off the Blocc I`m tryin` to scoot and go that-a-way Hello! It`s comedy, these hoes love fuckin` G I ...


  • All 4 U

    Your voice is a song Sweet and long I sing along Your eyes are like pools Bright and cool They see through fools I`ll never change my point of view (I wanted you to know the truth) That everything I`ll ever do I do for you All for...

Lil` Flip f Big Shasta, Lil` Ron, Yung R

  • Deep Down South

    Come on, uh... [Lil` Ron] I`m bout to cause a disaster, like a earthquake Eighteen`s, got little kids dropping milk shakes I smoke and sip eights, poured in one soda Treat my girls like dogs, nigga teach em to roll over Give em the cold shoulder, if t...


  • Ближе

    На планете всей только мы и ветер Падающий снег укрывает плечи Ничего ты мне больше не ответишь И в толпе людей даже не заметишь Мы станем ближе, ближе Глаз твоих сиянье вижу Слышишь, слышишь Расстоянье ненавижу Ближе, ближе В...

Т.Дольникова Г.Куценко

  • Слова

    [Как странно... Не знаю, что сегодня со мной Я смотрю на тебя как будто в первый раз] Слова, слова... Опять слова, одни слова [Не знаю, как сказать тебе] Только слова...

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