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The Cats

  • Let`s Dance

    Come and let`s dance all night long I`m gonna tell you that we`ll be having fun; I`m gonna call on the phone. Oh no we`ll be not alone. I`ll ask my friends if they wanna come over.

А.Стоцкая Ф.Киркоров

  • Влюблённая душа

    Там, где солнца край, Выше птичьих стай, Летит к тебе моя душа! Эта тайна не разгадана, И она у нас в крови, Так бутону не расскажет лепесток, А разум - сердцу о любви.

Дмитрий Нартов

  • В добрый путь!

    Дмитрий Нартов

    Gm A7 Dm

    Тускнеют блики костра,

    Gm C F

    Последняя песня допета.

    Gm A7<...

Cold Play

  • Yellow


    Oh no, I see
    A spider web, it`s tangled up with me
    And I lost my head
    The thought of all the stupid things I sai...

David Houston

  • Almost Persuaded

    Last night all alone in a barroom Met a girl with a drink in her hand She had ruby red lips, coal black hair And eyes that would tempt any man.

Nine Pound Hammer

  • Cadillac Inn

    With your glitter bandanna and your Sammy Hagar T-shirt, you`re every trucker`s dream. And heaven is ridin` around with the T-tops out, B.T.O. and ole Jim Beam. It`s 2 a.m., the bars all closed, but the night`s not over yet.

The Cavedogs

  • Here Comes Rosie

    Integrity, some new disease Where all road kill stretched for miles Joins hands and smiles Hip rock t.v.

Ruff Michael

  • Any Less Than This

    I have no soul, `til I look in your eyes There is no wisdom in my word without your listening smile My only sense of time begins when we`re apart My song of love follows the rhythm of your heart CHORUS: I could die in your arms wh...

The Chameleons

  • Don`t Fall

    Alone in a room I`ve been in once before Shapes in the hall I`m running for the door I`m out on the edge but I`m not defeated yet I hear my name above everything else Mark! Mark! Above everything else Don`t fall.

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