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Lunasicc (Luni Coleone)

  • All I Ever Wanted

    First Verse: I see some stankin` booty hoes y`all, in the mall They all on my nuts, boy I`m tryin` to get `em all Where my Bitch-Be-Gone spray? Fresh off the Blocc I`m tryin` to scoot and go that-a-way Hello! It`s comedy, these hoes love fuckin` G I ...


  • All 4 U

    Your voice is a song Sweet and long I sing along Your eyes are like pools Bright and cool They see through fools I`ll never change my point of view (I wanted you to know the truth) That everything I`ll ever do I do for you All for...

Lil` Flip f Big Shasta, Lil` Ron, Yung R

  • Deep Down South

    Come on, uh... [Lil` Ron] I`m bout to cause a disaster, like a earthquake Eighteen`s, got little kids dropping milk shakes I smoke and sip eights, poured in one soda Treat my girls like dogs, nigga teach em to roll over Give em the cold shoulder, if t...


  • Ближе

    На планете всей только мы и ветер Падающий снег укрывает плечи Ничего ты мне больше не ответишь И в толпе людей даже не заметишь Мы станем ближе, ближе Глаз твоих сиянье вижу Слышишь, слышишь Расстоянье ненавижу Ближе, ближе В...

Т.Дольникова Г.Куценко

  • Слова

    [Как странно... Не знаю, что сегодня со мной Я смотрю на тебя как будто в первый раз] Слова, слова... Опять слова, одни слова [Не знаю, как сказать тебе] Только слова...

Anne Clark

  • Our darkness

    Through these city nightmares you`d walk with me

    And we talk of it with idealistic assurance
    That it wouldn`t tear us apart.
    We keep our heads above the blackened water

    But there`s no room for ideals in this...


  • Day of suffering

    I kneel and shut my eyes
    Hoping tomorrow never comes
    How could I forget all these dull memories of my life?

    Do we have to hope against hope?
    Deceiving ourselves with lies
    How to keep faith in life as we all f...

XSCAPE f Jermaine Dupri (J.D.)

  • Let`s Do It Again

    Intro: J.D. Uh, star struck hoes beg me to connect with em cos I look correct with em and knows how to sex them Houses on two acre lakes in the Peach State Eat steak and lobster, steady tryin to prosper Build up my roster like the ol Motown Too much t...

Lil` Flip f Skillz1

  • Dem Boyz Remix (Screwed)

    Remix, Remix Haha WOOOO [Chorus: Lil` Flip - Repeat 2X] Is it cause dem boyz is out there shinin (shinin) maybe cause dem boyz is out there grindin (grindin) platinum pieces with canary diamonds (diamonds) but haters they talkin but never mind them (n...

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