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  • Jeff

    I drive your auto tonigth you kissed me quickly goodbye Jeffrie`s hair is on my dress things that mean more than a house a cat a car a man cause all I want all I really want cause all I want It`s to share this coke with you it`s t...

King Crimson

  • 21st Century Schiuzoid Man Including Mirrors


    Cat`s foot iron claw
    Neuro-surgeons scream for more
    At paranoia`s poison door
    Twenty first century schizoid man.

    Blood rack barbed wire
    Politicians` funeral p...

Rachael Kane

  • Closer to you

    La la la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la la
    A la la la la la la la laa....

    I am what I am
    I do what I can
    I feel like I`m falling
    I laugh at it all
    I dance with myself
    And with everyone ...


  • Mambo

    Youh , Rumba
    Con sandunga
    Oye boricua
    No te me duermas

    Que si te duermes te tumban
    Youh, el Voltaje
    Que es lo que hay marunga

    Si tu quiere mambo, manga mi ritmo
    Rumba caliente, Acaban...

Dead Moon

  • 13 Going on 21

    Shadows fell into our eyes Strangers we would seldom call You and I like every teen Were up against the wall We couldnt see the end in time Dying to get out 13 going on 21 They will never stop us now Going our way 13 ye...


  • Youth Of America

    Say a prayer for the youth of America, God bless our youth from America. And I can`t stand this anymore, All the dead kids lyin on your door, and you don`t hear a word they`re tellin ya. You`re all dead. You`re al dead...

The Dictators

  • (I Live For) Cars And Girls

    Well I`m the type of guy who`s into getting high on a Friday afternoon So now you know I`m a regular Joe and I`ll tell you what I like to do I like to make the scene In my machine I like to make the scene I leave `em in another s...

birthday party

  • 6 inch gold blade

    Artist- the birthday party song- 6 gold blade written by- nick cave G-----------------------| | D-------5-3-----5-3-----| | repeat ad nauseum A-0-3-5----0-3-5---0-3-5| | E-----------------------|



  • Black Fate

    In the beginning I saw only silence and cold Then the vision I told, after I`ve behold A child was born under devilish reign To support the one under blackened name His powers grew strong as he aged to a man To perform his task at...

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