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  • Abuse Me

    Need to ask a question Calling out my name Nothing seems to bother Wish I had a clue C`mon abuse me more I like it Well I don`t think you like me Well I hate you as well No one seems to like you Wish I couldn`t tell C`mon abuse...


  • 7th Time

    The 7th time, love sickness and desillusion This head that wont listen to me , now Theres crumb of a dark night Burning in your mouth Till I wake you...

Screwheads f Z-Ro

  • Under the Floor

    (*talking*) Yo, Z-Ro the motherfucking Crooked, 2K1 This is dedicated to all them hoe ass niggas And then again, this is dedicated to all my real dogs We gon get them niggas, you feel me You weasel ass niggas, you snake in the grass ass niggas Die slow...

cowboy boyer and talton

  • its time

    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:22:48 GMT From: Rick L To: guitar@olga.net Subject: Cowboy Boyer & Talton It`s Time Chords/Lyrics Cowboy Boyer/Talton It`s Time written by Scott Boyer Em A It`s se...

Kathryn Williams

  • Daydream And Saunter

    Your shadow danced on the side of the train All i was left with was a memory that was tamed I know there`s no more in you than you The only thing that could keep us together now is glue And you daydream and saunter like life was ...


  • ...dead They Await...

    meeting the elder ones hel, heloym, sother, emmanuel, sabaoth, agle, tetragrammaton, agyros, otheos, ischyros, athanatos, iehova, va, adonai, saday, homousion, messias, eschereheye their dreams are our fate gathered - among the t...


  • Behold a Pale Horse

    [ Mondo ] BM`s international It`s worldwide, baby Check it out Ah-ha [ CHORUS 2X ] Behold a pale horse, death is in our midst We gotta keep on point cause we movin off course I`m checkin for you and yours It`s hittin worldwide We gotta maximize by el...

Slick Rick, Snoop Doggy Dogg

  • Unify

    * originally appeared on Slick Rick`s Soundtrack to the Streets [Snoop Dogg] I falls off into a party in the N.Y.C.

Blige, Mary J. f LL Cool J

  • Mary J. Blige

    Intro: I`m so high. [Puffy] Rock on! Verse One: LL Cool J: Black shades, three-quarter leathers and medallions Honies lined up ready to ride like stallions Since good love is hard to find I snatch up the real hot ones and make `em mine I let my trac...

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