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Вячеслав Добрынин

  • Pаз, два, тpи

    Парень я всегда был не так себе - Ростом вышел и лицом. И пускай теперь кудри в серебре - Чувствую себя бойцом. Я еще хожу по красавицам, И дела идут вполне.

Glenn Medeiros

  • Me Minus U Equals Blue

    With all my heart, I pledge my love forever
    You`ve got my word, you and I will always be together
    There maybe times, we have a disagreement
    This love`s too strong, to ever let it come between us

    I would, I would ke...

Mike Oldfield

  • Altered State

    Whos gonna get your virgil Whats going on Whos gonna get your home Wheres your mummy Wheres she gone Whos gonna get your virgil Whos that mummy I dont know Who gonna get your home Are you dead mummy Dont think so (male ...

Liers In Wait

  • Bleeding Shrines Of Stone

    [Music & lyrics: Kristian WВҐhlin] Twisting Altars Whirling around in a Maze Malignant Lord of an Insect Race [CHORUS:] Abiding the toxic Floods of Retaliation The bleeding Shrines below Abiding, Arising, Retaliating Oceana...

The Tubes

  • Big Brother`s Still Watching

    (Waybill/Lukather/Marx) Feesongs/BMI/ Rehtakul Veets/Chiboy Music/BMI The silent horde comes creeping through the night Shuns the lights and cameras staying out of sight We`ve been warned There`s no one else to blame Tak...

Drag-On, Juvenile

  • Down Bottom

    [Juve] Mmmm hmmmmm [Drag] Ha ha hah Oh! Damn, now bop to this Yeah, uhh, uhh, y`all know what this is (flame on) Juvenile, Drag-On (flame on) And now..

General Degree

  • Miss Gotti

    A di gal dem somen, yes a di gal dem so A di gal dem somen, a di gal dem so A di gal dem somen, yes a di gal dem so A di gal dem somen, a di gal dem so All a di gal dem wha know sey dem gotti deh show mi a signal from...

The June Spirit

  • ...And The Radio Played The Hits

    Doing nothing right, what could i have done tonight, to make everything feel so wrong? Another night gone by another dream gone to the sky, i cant see your big brown eyes through mine anymore.

General Public

  • Anxious

    Hanging on the line
    Waiting to be picked
    Same old story
    Every time I ask a favour of you
    Force and hold me back
    So that we don`t win
    So that you don`t lose
    So long I don`t move

    Trained to ex...

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