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Kate Winslet

  • What If

    Here I stand alone
    With this weight upon my heart
    And it will not go away
    In my head I keep on looking back
    Right back to the start
    Wondering what it was that made you change

    Well I tried
    But I ha...

Neil Sedaka

  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do

    Doo doo doo down doo be do down down
    come on come on
    down doo be do down down
    breaking up is hard to do.

    Don`t take your love away from me

    don`t you leave my heart in misery.
    If you go then I`ll ...


  • 7 Compartments

    7 C o m p a r t m e n t s

    I design that heart of yours
    I redesign that heart of yours
    7 compartments plus one
    You might need it
    7 compartments plus two
    You prefer that
    7 compartments...


  • Asatider

    I friskan storm som kraft mig bringen
    Om afton jag skеdar huginsvingen
    Ett sдndebud som stдrker anden
    Vi samlas skall under fadershanden

    Runt hyllingsstenen hеlls ett rеd av
    Belдsta mдn, nu frдndeskap fцdas

Вячеслав Добрынин

  • Pаз, два, тpи

    Парень я всегда был не так себе - Ростом вышел и лицом. И пускай теперь кудри в серебре - Чувствую себя бойцом. Я еще хожу по красавицам, И дела идут вполне.

Glenn Medeiros

  • Me Minus U Equals Blue

    With all my heart, I pledge my love forever
    You`ve got my word, you and I will always be together
    There maybe times, we have a disagreement
    This love`s too strong, to ever let it come between us

    I would, I would ke...

Mike Oldfield

  • Altered State

    Whos gonna get your virgil Whats going on Whos gonna get your home Wheres your mummy Wheres she gone Whos gonna get your virgil Whos that mummy I dont know Who gonna get your home Are you dead mummy Dont think so (male ...

Liers In Wait

  • Bleeding Shrines Of Stone

    [Music & lyrics: Kristian WВҐhlin] Twisting Altars Whirling around in a Maze Malignant Lord of an Insect Race [CHORUS:] Abiding the toxic Floods of Retaliation The bleeding Shrines below Abiding, Arising, Retaliating Oceana...

The Tubes

  • Big Brother`s Still Watching

    (Waybill/Lukather/Marx) Feesongs/BMI/ Rehtakul Veets/Chiboy Music/BMI The silent horde comes creeping through the night Shuns the lights and cameras staying out of sight We`ve been warned There`s no one else to blame Tak...

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