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  • Chasing Shadows

    Some of you may know me, many of you won`t I am just a player in the band Some of you will listen, some of you will hear Some of you may laugh at me and some of you will cheer `Cause all of us, we are an audience Looking for evide...

cannon freddy

  • palisades park

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

DJ Envy f J. Hood, The L.O.X.

  • Blok Party Vol. 1

    [Sheek] Yeah (yeah) D-Block (D-Block) {New LOX!} Envy, whattup my nigga? {Featurin J-Hood} Larsiny! Haha, aiyyo yo {C`mon!} If the hammer don`t work then the pump gon` get you {Yeah!} Body in the tub, let the chainsaw rip you I don`t give a FUCK abou...

Method Man f Redman

  • Big Dogs

    * also appears on the Method Man and Redman album Blackout! Check it, check it out (8X in background) [E-Dub] Uh-huh, yeah yeah.. ahh yeah word up [Meth] Yo, yo-yo [E-Dub] Uhh.. [Red] Yo, yo, yo! [E-Dub] Redman..

nova heather

  • All The Way

    When birds fly they navigate by stars, These nights the walls come down, These nights are ours. This love is life - I want to stay, I`ll be beside you all the way.

cano j m

  • naturaleza muerta

    Music from J.M. Cano - Mecano Extract from the album: Aidalai - 1991 Naturaleza muerta ----------------- [*] F C Dm No ha salido el sol Am Bb y Ana y Miguel F C ya prenden llama F ...

Screwheads f Lil` Keke

  • Nothing But Love

    Uh, get ya mind right (get ya mind right) What, Southsive for live Westcoast nigga... [Chorus] Coming straight from the heart, cause I got nothing but love Man it really hurt, cause we done lost another thug - 2x Would you ride for your dog, would you...

cantrell jerry

  • angel eyes

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- File created with Instab - -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author/Artist: Je...

Diamonds in Da Rough

  • Streets is Watching soundtrack

    Yeah (Y`all don`t think y`all ready, baby) Yeah DIDR (It`s about to happen) Digga (What, what, what) Chinko, Reb the Merc, Dominique, nigga [ VERSE 1: Reb Mercy ] Yo, I used to spend my money-money tax-free till they snatched me In the p, doin the buc...

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