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  • Do Me Baby

    Hi, this is the Honeyz hotline We`re not here right now Naima concentrate! (sorry) Hi, this is the Honeyz hotline We`re not here right now Please leave your name and number after the tone Lately I`ve been tryin` to find the...

Sui Generis

  • Alto En La Torre

    (Charly Garcia)

    Alto en la torre nacio mi voz,
    se hizo viento y floto
    con la tuya, se fundio
    con el atardecer.

    Cierro mis ojos y te veo mas,
    no tengo miedo a caer,
    si sostienes toda mi estr...


  • Bitch Killa

    [Verse 1] I followed that bitch to her house She`s kind of stupid, walking through the block without a spouse She`s got a hold of her purse with a death grip But the purse ain`t what I want so don`t trip I know she saw me when she started walking faste...

Jay Chou

  • Feng

    wu yun zai wo men xin li ge xia yi kuai yin ying
    wo ling ting chen ji yi jiu de xin qing
    qin xi tou ming
    jiu xiang mei li de feng j...

Poison The Well

  • 12/23/93

    Gouge out my eyes / pestilence lack of love binds / propagate / the strife you desire keep me from forced self depiction / abhorate self assured I am no more / take this away from me once more / thirsted for something that never existed Complacent / I...

Beenie Man and Mya

  • Girls Dem Sugar

    Intro: Beenie Man: Zagga zow, ziggy zow, zagga zow, anyhow, badman nah bow Zagga zow, ziggy zow, zagga zow, anyhow Beenie Man and Mya deh yah now Zagga zow, ziggy zow, zagga zow Neptune mek number one tune yo!! Zagga zow, ziggy zo...

Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill

  • Turn Your Lights Down Low

    Bob Marley: (Lauryn)
    (Uh) Turn your lights down low
    And pull your window curtain
    Oh let the moon come shining in
    Into our life again
    Saying ooh, it`s been a long, long time(Long, long time)
    I got this me...

Pedro Suarez Vertiz

  • Como te va mi amor

    Si vieras ahora
    como siento yo
    todas las cosas
    no lo soportarнas
    podrнas matar
    con tal de salir
    Si supieras como deje de llorar
    y recordar tantas cosas
    pensarнas que el tiempo te ha sacado ...


  • Better Off As Friends

    Please excuse my religion Excuse the ceremony and the show When I first gave in to Your advances You were wanting to get closer than I`d know But I`ll allow it for a moment For just a moment I`ll come near Long enough to say those...

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