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Venus Diode

  • Birthday Cake

    Well hello, my name is Captain Symmetry, and I would like to welcome you to my party. To the left, a door with 70 snakes in it, to the right, well... Please help me cut my baby`s cut hand.

Fat Joe f Nelly

  • Get it Poppin`

    [Fat Joe] Crack! Yeah, Scott Storch y`all Dirty, Crack! C`mon [Chorus One: Nelly] It`s two up in the mornin girl, and the DJ playin that song Now what`chu gon` do? (Gonna get get get it poppin) Now what`chu gon` do? (Gonna get get get it poppin) I s...

Jadakiss f Ann Nesby

  • Keep Ya Head Up

    {*kid trying to sound like he`s crying*} [Jadakiss] Whattup little man? What`s the matter? [lil` man] I wish I didn`t have to be here [Jadakiss] It`s not that bad..

Prince Po f Raekwon

  • Bump Bump

    [Intro: Raekwon (Prince Po)] Time to establish, you know how it`s going down (Yeah) Word up What up Prince Po, what up baby? (Yeah) Shallah Raekwon, Lex Diamond, let`s get it to `em [Chorus: Prince Po (Raekwon) {both}] {Aiyo, come through} Come on You...

Distillers, The

  • Ask The Angels

    Moooooove! Ask the angels who they`re calling,
    Go ask the angels if they`re calling to thee
    Ask the angels while they`re falling
    Who that person could possibly be

    And I know you got the feeling,
    You know...

Princess Superstar f Brock, Chess-T-Bunz

  • Bump Your Ass Off!

    [Verse One- Chess-T-BunZ] Me and my girls were looking for the party Sippin on Shirls, Cherry 7, no Bacardi There`s that new club in town (the Ass Palace) Word, and they patted us down Looked around crazy lights flash fog on the ground The place was we...

Fatal Hussein f Tame One

  • Getto Star

    [Tame One] Wait`ll niggaz hear that Tame and Fatal got down and made it straight from Uptown with six sacks and this track that`s in the background Stop stressin from the chest up, we messed up off that best stuff that fits up in yo` Dutch Situation li...

Jus Allah f Evil Dead

  • Hell Razors

    [Jus Allah] Blood, death, sex and crimes Reminds me of some of my most memorable times Stand placed, those were the good ol` days Ain`t shit changed, still maintain my old ways Upgrade, livin` like kings, gettin` nice things Build and destroy, everythi...

Krayzie Bone f Terror Squad (Big Pun, Cu

  • Thug Mentality 1999

    [Krayzie] Man what the fuck is we gone do man? Shit man I can`t believe this shit man Them motherfuckers done killed him We got to ride for this nigga On them old hoe ass niggas I say we ride over right there right now That`s what I`m talking about l...

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