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  • Ride With Me Cindy

    ya! this one here goes out there to my girl that loves me
    i just wanna say that i love you cindy

    the last time i saw you was a long time ago
    i wanna see you again baby
    you dont know how i missed you baby
    i di...

Ruff Endz f Ghostface Killah, Raekwon

  • Cuban Linx 2000 (No More Remix)

    [Intro: Raekwon (Ghostface Killah)] (Yo, what up law, wassup, wassup baby? Talk to me) Yo, Shorty yo, it ain`t even like it`s really, it`s really, messing with me son but it`s messing with me, man, for real man (Aight, but you know what? Don`t even let...

Christy Moore

  • The Contender(Aka Jack Doyle)

    When i was young and I was in my day
    I could steal what womans heart there was away
    Sing and dance into the dawning
    Blaze a trail until the morning
    Long before I was the man you see today

    And I was born benea...

R.A. the Rugged Man f Notorious B.I.G.

  • Cunt Renaissance

    {*screaming*} Intro: R.A. Cunt... {*echoes*} It`s the Notorious B.I.G. with the Crustified Dibbs [Notorious B.I.G.] Big rip the twat...down to the asshole (scratched in) Aint no dick like the one I`ve got (sung) Big rip the twat, in the basement of ...

Лайма Вайкуле

  • Акапулько

    Ты целовал мои губы за тех, кто меня любил, Но танцевала румбо я в этот раз с другим Когда ты меня увидел ты изменился в лице, Луис к кому ты ревнуешь - это твой друг Хосе Акапулько ай-я-я-я-й Акапулько ай-я-я-я-й Акапулько ай-я-я-я-й, ай-я-я-я-я-я-я-...

Yo Gotti f Don Dirty

  • Can`t Stop Me Now

    [Hook] I feel like you can`t stop me now, drop me now Women wanna watch me now, jock me now I feel like you can`t stop me now, they love my voice Of course, full-force, I done made it now [Yo Gotti] I feel like you can`t stop me now I`m tighter now Mo...

Z-Ro f Mussilini

  • A Bad Azz Mix Tape

    (*talking*) Man, same everyday, wake up, gotta get it Trying to get it baby [Hook] It`s the same everyday, everyday is the same Running up and down the block, chasing change And off a million faces, there be a seven year case So we gotta be careful, w...

Александр Левин

  • Гундосая песнь

    Александр Левин

    - Але, это баня?

    - Нет, это Болодя.

    Закинув голову назад,

    дудак на дудочке своей

    игдает падтию любви.

    Она как дудочка кдичит<...

Remedy f Sweetleaf

  • Cure for This

    [Intro: Sweetleaf] Oh, give it to me Oh, give it to me (I`ve got to have it) [Chorus: Sweetleaf] If there`s a cure for this, baby I want it, want it If there`s a remedy, baby I need it, got to have it [Remedy] This is a story brought before me, from ...

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