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White Boy f Katt Wiliiams

  • Young Pimp

    [Money Mike - talking] Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin` in it Ladies and gentlemen, pimps, and hoes, and bitches of all ages This is your host Money motherfuckin` Mike Right outside ICEE Records right here in Chicago These niggaz is pimp...

Kid Rock f Uncle kracker

  • Krack Rocks

    Uh, who are you, who are you Well I`m the punk with the pump in the back of my pack How you step Rock (I step in stride) I step across stage with my nuts in my hand Them punks wanna front cause I got my own band God damn I`m the man with the helly buzz...

Red Wanting Blue

  • Cuckoo

    She was born from fire 23 years ago
    And I came from the drama of another
    She has got me so completely blwon out this daisy
    Pull my better situation

    And her music hits me hard
    Like a past due erection

Sara Hickman

  • A Woman Waiting to Happen

    Heart be still youve had your fill Of lovers whove come and gone The time is right I see through the light That blinded me for so long Its no secret that I love you but this is like a love Ive never known My mistakes brough...


  • 11:11

    Eleven Eleven Used to be our time when I’d hold your heart next to mine But now our time is your time and his time Your wish is between you I’ll take this time to say goodbye I won’t burn for you forever I`ll throw this clock right on the fire A wish ...

Warren G f Phats Bossi, Reel Tight, Snoo

  • I Want it All

    (Snoop) Got a little something for the summertime While you on the grind Getting yours Hell yeah! I`m getting mine I take trips and dips just to recline I blaze up the orange weed To relax my mind Spend time with my kids on the weekdays And I holla at...

Knightowl f Bokie Loc, Noble [The Outlaw

  • Knightmares

    [Chris Gun] When we ride it`s a homicide When we ride it`s a mothafuckin homicide [Noble] Yo, I`m on the glock pumping white valvues Just me and Knightowl rollin in a white owl It`s light in the day, fuck it it`s night now The right style to attack ev...

Warren G f Knee-Hi, Jayo Felony

  • Young Fun

    He young, he young, he young, he young, She young, she young, she young, she young, He young, he young, he young, he young, She young, she young, she young, she young I hit the 21 blocks each and every day niggaz peepin they shoulders in each and ever...

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