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Five Minutes Left

  • Cave

    Thewaters arecreeping softlywinds touch theflowers and confirmthe taste of this silence Like to turn myself away from thatlike to feel ... feel ...,feellike to correctthe borderlinelike to heal,... heal,...

Mac f Ms. Peaches, Sons of Funk

  • Still Callin` Me

    (Phone conversation between Mac and a girl) Mac: Wassup girl? What`s happenin with ya? Girl: Nothing Mac: Chillin huh? Girl: Yeah Mac: Well look, you know why I called you over here huh? Girl: Why? Mac: You know what`s happenin`.

Reilly Maggie

  • As Darkness Falls

    Now as the darkness falls I close my eyes And I dream of you Each little memory calls And takes me to the time When our story began Everything wrapped in you The happy days that we spent together Funny I never knew How quickly lov...

Swizz Beatz ft Shyne, Styles (The LOX)

  • Swizz N 4 Beatz

    [Swizz Beatz] Ruff Ryders, 1-2, 1-2 G.E.T.T.O. Stories, Swizz Beatz Makin` it happen Listen to what the fuck I got to say I`m from the hood I love the hood I rep the hood, lived in the hood Started on the grind, started with a 9 Motherfucker, I had to...


  • Ahead Of The Pack

    You gotta take it easy You gotta live your life Yesterday`s heroes They are born to die The people always blame you It don`t matter what they say You`ve got your own freedom You`ve gotta go your way Get up and roll on `cause there...

Black Knights f Kurupt, Roscoe

  • Every Night is a Black Knight

    [Intro: Crisis (Doc Doom) {Kurupt}] Yeah (yeah yeah) the Black Knights (Black Knights) {Tell these bitch niggas to snatch up Before these bitch niggas get smashed up} Yo, we gon` show you gangsta`s get down (gangsta`s get down) North Town, Compton, Cal...


  • After Words

    (Instrumental) Ton Scherpenzeel: Grand Piano, Prophet ---------------------------------------------------


Da Five Footaz

  • 5 Foot City

    [Featuring Warren G]
    Freak... I need a freak
    (I need a freak)
    Freak... I need a freak
    (I need a freak)
    Scope the fro from the door baby was the bomb
    gotta maintain so I remain calm
    with everythin...

Mary J. Blige f Pharrell, Malice

  • Steal Away

    [Intro - Pharrell] It`s just that ghetto (*echo*) Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto It`s just that ghetto (*echo*) Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto This ghetto (*echo*) That ghetto (*echo*) We still ghetto (*echo*) That ghetto (*echo*) [Verse 1 - Pharrell] I`ve been think...

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