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Abi Band 2000 feat. Tommy Kaulard

  • Im Wagen Vor Mir

    Rata Rata...

    Im Wagen vor mir fהhrt ein drner Mהdchen
    Sie fהhrt allein und sie glaubt schnell zu sein
    Ich kenne ihren Namen und ich kenne auch ihr Ziel
    Ich merke auch sie schont so ihr...


  • In The Twilight

    Now You must remember when There was a time When I was on the inside I was looking out Looking only to defend all that was mine I had nothing, and no-one could touch me Well, you know that if it hadn`t been for you If it wasn`t fo...

Bo Diddley

  • Bo Diddley

    Bo Diddley buys baby diamond ring if that diamond ring don`t shine he`s gonna take it to a private eye if that private I can`t see even not take a ring from me Bo Diddley caught a nanny goat to make his pretty baby a Sunday coat ...


  • 30 Seconds

    I can feel you breathing and youre sticking to my skin Someone shut the morning up My conscience creeps back in I dont hear the words yousay When you just come around I dont hear the words you say I just see you lie Theres one thi...


  • Black Eye Purple Sky

    Scrape the stars from your eyes, lift yourself up, let`s go home It`s a long drawn night that we leave behind, keep on walking Breathe deeply as you go, it`s a well scarred part of the road But at least we know every pitfall, f...

Crippled Youth

  • Can`t You See

    Pressure to drink Has always been there And to smoke and use drugs But I don`t care I don`t feel the pressure Don`t listen to those jerks I`m straight because For me it works I`m straight, not because it`s cool I`m strai...

Five Times August

  • Not Even Close

    Not Even Close
    Written by Brad Skistimas

    So you`re the greatest I`ve ever known
    And you`re the safest not alone
    And you`re the lovely thing I see
    But you`re above me

    But you`re not even close


  • 2 minutes hate

    now just where the fuck have i gone. the days feel so old and
    cracked and your
    eyelids close-you shut me out. got run over by your words today,
    and everyone`s
    a hazy shade of gray.

Falling Up

  • Cascades

    The flashlights came out
    The sound of them move
    The wet of the ground
    You’re starting to lose
    You took every breath
    You traced all my steps
    To start in the streets, and end what is left

    I know tha...

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