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mindless self indulgence

  • Apple Country

    you make me feel like im in apple country ap ap apple apple ca ca country country ap ap apple apple ca ca country country you make me feel like im in apple country


Shattered Realm

  • Blackest Dawn

    Demons calling baptized in your blood. Angels falling baptized in your blood. In your blood hence creating an enemy of the world. Overcome with hatred crucified by words. I looked back on an age of ruin vile as thy name.


  • forgive my thoughts

    Artist: Mindscape Song: Forgive my Thoughts Transcribed by: Jeff Lindgren (guitarist of mindscape) This song is pretty easy. You just need to have the timing right so you will have to listen to the song.


  • 5 8 and 10

    5,8, & 10 Intro/Verse D - G Chorus D5 - D/C5 - E5 slide G5 - F Bridge E5 - D5 - C5 - A5 / E5 - D5 - C5 - B5 / E5 - D5 - C5 - A5 - G5 Bridge II D5 - B5 - F5 - G5 - A5 Outro G5 - G/F5 - D - A Intro E ----------------------------------------------------...

BJ Thomas

Crystal Gayle

  • Don`t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

    Don`t know when, i`ve been so blue
    Don`t know whats come over you
    You found someone new
    and don`t it make my brown eyes blue
    I`ll be fine when your gone
    I`ll just cry all night long
    Say it isn`t true

Strokes, The

  • Alone Together

    No choice now, it`s too late
    Let him go, he gave up
    Don`t give up
    Lisa said Take time for me
    Dropping him down to his knees
    Oh just go

    Take me away, see I`ve got to explain
    Things they are changin...

Tom Jones

  • 16 Tons

    Some people say a man is made out of mud well a poor man`s made outta
    muscle and blood..Muscle and blood and skin and bone..and a mind
    that`s weak..but a back thats strong.
    And he was born one morning w...


  • Gravity

    Here come my final ticks of time Feel need to sweat but not to cry Reflect upon my recent years I have no regrets and I have no fears I`ve always been a pretender So how will I be remebered? As I watch my life pass me by I hold o...

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