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Dj Tomekk, Afrob

  • 1,2,3 Rhymes Galore

    Uh - Uh - Uh - Uh - Uh

    2x One, two, three from New York to Germany,
    do you wanna come party with me
    come join the family yo,
    so let`s flow yo

    Alle waren bereit dafür und schrieben dieses Stüc...


  • 4 U

    This shit right here is for you All your faces I can see You all think it`s up, not me I`m about to break This is my fate Am I still damned to a life Of misery and hate? You will never know What I did for you What you all Put me through I do it for yo...


  • All Mine

    All the stars may shine bright
    All the clouds may be white
    But when you smile
    Ohh how I feel so good
    That I can hardly wait

    To hold you
    Enfold you
    Never enough
    Render your heart to me

U-God f Autumn Rue, Letha Face

  • Booty Drop

    [Intro: Letha Face] Yeah, come on, yup, rock the spot Yup, yup, come on, yo If the clubs on fire, let the panic room, burn baby burn If the clubs on fire, let the panic room, burn baby burn [Letha Face] Last call for alcohol, you know thugs don`t danc...

nine days

  • 257 Weeks

    You could be waiting for a day that won`t come And you could be so much more than you`ve become And I have found my feet 257 weeks But you could be waiting for a day that won`t come You could be waiting for your life to begin And...

Steady B f KRS-One

  • Serious (BDP Remix)

    [KRS-One] Come again! Steady B like this [Steady B] I`m serious, as serious can get Especially when the mic`s involved I won`t sweat I came here tonight to do what`s right To make you move, make you groove, with the rhymes I recite [KRS-One] I was l...


  • Accin Y Vida

    (N.Cuerda/F.Amador) Haz tu vida Haz tu vida Haz tu vida. Si no sabes no hay que pensarlo es el muro de tu mente que hay que estrujarlo.


  • poison ivy

    From: John Murphy Subject: CRD:Poison Ivy Here`s the lyrics and chords to Poison Ivy. This is taken from the Coaster`s 45 rpm reissue with Idol with the Golden Head on the flip side. I`ve changed the key from Ab to G.

Method Man w Raekwon the Chef

  • Meth Vs. Chef

    Intro: Duel, worthy of a general If you want to fight, fight with me! One to one! Man to man! Get ready to gel team! Live and direct from the one-six-ooh We got Tical, pow! Raekwon the Chef, Tical! It`s about to go on, Tical! You make the call, I m...

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