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Tony Cottura

  • Da Party Boon

    Refrain: When I come to the door- boom and you want some more- boom and I know who I am - bam I am the party man- slam Verse: Boomladiladi, I likes to party Toni is on the mic and you know we gotta started I got A.K. S.W.I.F.T.

Stockton Shane

  • What If I`m Right

    Say you can`t believe a single thing I`ve said You laughed and called me a fool You tell me that you`ve heard all of this before Maybe you should think before you close the door What If I`m right What if I`m really gonna love you ...

Stockwood Kim

  • Jerk

    Since you`ve been gone I feel so much better `Cause I saw how mean you could be I used to want some explaination Now all I want is my Patsy Cline CD How I`ve waited for today When I could finally say You jerk (you jerk) You are su...

Tony Esperanto

  • Papa Chico

    Papa Chico your the son, but the children dont want to gone Papa Chicos playing this song, but the people turning around Papa Chico move your eyes, your discover is eating the ice Papa Chicos singing this song, but the people feel...

Stompin Tom

  • Algoma 69

    She`s on a bar hoppin spree back in Sault Ste. Marie, Because of me she`s now fallen star.

Tony Hetherington

  • Got Everything I`ve Ever Wanted

    Did you really think, that i`d walk away Did you really think that i`d turn around Did you think it wouldnt bother me When you said you didn`t like me anyway.

Tony Holiday

  • Den Appetit Kannst Du Dir Holen

    Schnell ein Blick über einen Zaun und beim Nachbarn die Äpfel klaun schon die kleinen die meinen das Obst fremder Gärten schmeckt 1000 mal besser doch für meine Früchte Schatz gibt es nirgendwo Ersatz...

Tony Iommi

  • Black Oblivion

    [featuring Billy Corgan] You ask me why I`ll tell you die My head is full of lies And I am beyond high You don`t know just what I`m waiting for Acid burns my skull as blind as snow Black oblivion drags me ever towards I dream to...

Tony Marino

  • Scars On My Heart

    How, how can you take me for a fool Why would you want to be so cruel Hey girl, you said you loved me Now, now that you left me all alone The love I felt for you was strong Hey girl, how could you leave me Don`t you remember...

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