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WC f CJ Mac

  • The Shadiest One

    (man) Hey, nigga, gimme some of them water and chip`s, shit (other man) lock `em up, nigga, lock `em, bullshit (man) hey, look, nigga get out there, nigga these niggas ain`t sho` ta riz-ayd, right we gon` get in and get out (other man) we on a roll, ni...

Tom Lehrer

  • A Christmas Carol

    One very familiar type of song is the christmas carol. although it is perhaps a bit out of season at this time.

Olivia Molina

  • Aber Wie (Let it Be)

    Dass die Welt in Frieden leben müsste

    darüber reden sie!
    Doch es bleibt die Frage: Aber wie?
    Zu sagen: Reich dem Bruder deine Hände!
    ist nur Theorie.
    Denn es bleibt die Frage: Aber wie...

Владимир Качан, Леонид Филатов

  • 9 мая 1945 года

    Музыка Владимира Качана

    Стихи Леонида Филатова

    Все не верится, черт возьми,

    В то, что мы с тобой уцелели

    Как шатает нас от весны,

    Как мы страшно переболели

Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, De

  • Laat De Beer Los

    Is niet goed he, dit?
    Beetje, beetje af, beetje af als een geeltje.
    Is niet goed hoor dit.
    Ik vind het wel lekker.
    Is niet goed he, dit?
    Blijf in godesnaam van die beer af.
    Is niet goed hoor dit.
    Jamaar ...

L Burna

  • No Matter

    Roll up that hyrdo
    And just smoke on
    Smoke on
    I`ll roll this blunt for you (Lah Lah Lah Lay)
    Lah Lah Lah Lay
    uh huh
    And just smoke on
    Smoke on
    I`ll roll this blunt for you ...

Organized Konfusion f O.C.

  • Fudge Pudge

    [Verse One: Prince Poetry] Here we go again with the funky intro People approach me knowin I`m the Prince Po- -E-T-R, Y, YES and I`m the first batter The Pharoahe usually go first, but it don`t matter (Nah it don`t matter) Funky slices of beats like th...


  • Strength

    Here I am Not what you see I am nobodies friend Catch my breath Corossive air Now can yo feel my strength? I`m your god Yourfuture law A tyrant for your soul Try to break Try to escape But I won`t let you go DO YOU WANT DO YOU NEED DO YOU SEE CAN YOU...


  • Invocation Of The Horned One

    Eko, Eko Azarak! Eko, Eko Zamilak! Eko, Eko Cernunnos! Eko, Eko Aradia! Raging Cernunnos, set in fire Burning torch between his horns Hearken to our will and evil desire Crush the enemies with flamy sword!


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