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  • Central Aire (The City)

    The City will eat you up if you stop thinking for just one minute.
    Its pretty if you look up, but brother don’t get lost in it.
    The heat is slowing your mission, clouding your ambition, bringing
    you down.
    You’re in the s...

Februarys, The

  • Blue Harvest

    Must have driven pash Oh, One thousand times before
    Noticed it with pain, my home has an eyesore
    Oh wait for me
    If you wanna see the difference

    You said you would not leave this town
    Where are you now?

King Geedorah

  • Fazers

    Follow the light ... the light is your guide ... I am controller of Planet X And I`ve invited you here to discuss something that`s very important King Geedorah, take me to your leader Quick to claim that he not no snake like, Me neither They need to t...


  • 32 Dentes

    Eu nunca mais vou dizer O que realmente penso Eu nunca mais vou dizer O que realmente sinto Eu juro, (eu juro por Deus) Eu juro, (eu juro por Deus) No confio em ningum No confio em ningum No confio em ningum com mais de 30 No conf...

Steve Poltz

  • Beautiful Day

    If you wanna complain Call somebody else But if you want some champagne Take me off of your shelf Uncork your mind cause it could be so fine When its a beautiful day If you want to behave Like a ten year old Thats oka...


  • Dangerous Ground soundtrack

    Hook: Who`s that nigga in the fresh V-12? Westside rolling with fat jewels (You know it`s K-Dee) Fa-Sho (And ain`t nobody bad like me) Fa-Sho Verse 1: I`m in the ghetto hall of fame Man it ain`t no thang So why you playin` games, trick you know my nam...

Lil MC Jess

  • My Best Friend

    I`m sittin in this break room
    just trying to thankyou
    trying to think of a way to thank god for makin you.
    Bless your heart
    Bless your life.
    If it wasnt for you thered be no life

    Just 19 years old not...

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