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Steve Poltz

  • Beautiful Day

    If you wanna complain Call somebody else But if you want some champagne Take me off of your shelf Uncork your mind cause it could be so fine When its a beautiful day If you want to behave Like a ten year old Thats oka...


  • Dangerous Ground soundtrack

    Hook: Who`s that nigga in the fresh V-12? Westside rolling with fat jewels (You know it`s K-Dee) Fa-Sho (And ain`t nobody bad like me) Fa-Sho Verse 1: I`m in the ghetto hall of fame Man it ain`t no thang So why you playin` games, trick you know my nam...

Lil MC Jess

  • My Best Friend

    I`m sittin in this break room
    just trying to thankyou
    trying to think of a way to thank god for makin you.
    Bless your heart
    Bless your life.
    If it wasnt for you thered be no life

    Just 19 years old not...

Василий Гринчук

O.F.T.B. (Operation From The Bottom)

  • Gang Related soundtrack

    Intro: (*interpolation from Pulp Fiction) The path of the righteous man is besect on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

Steve Vai

  • Answer

    De antwoorden zijn altijd al aanwezig. I cannot be ungrateful for what i Have received from america, But Im not the judge.

Kurupt f Patacico, Slop

  • Kuruption (Disc Two)

    Hook: Nigga I ain`t got no feelings What the fuck you think this is? I got no reason to live So make your mind up What you wanna do? I make your family be missing you Nigga I ain`t got no feelings What the fuck you think this is? I got no reason to l...


  • A Thousand Breathing Crosses

    En moi, battent de l`aile, Eternelles colombes, Les blancs desirs du calme ou dorment les defunts. (Paul Valery, from Cimetiere approx. 1890) Tears of May...

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