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Staring Back

  • Change Of Heart

    don`t know how we came to be ask me if I care you wanna have what I got? just pick yourself up off the ground do you really care? it doesn`t take much out of you you just never tried because we care so much for you you ju...

Dritte Wahl

  • Hash

    Viele reden über Drogen, sagen das darf nicht sein, dabei zieht sich doch heutjeder seine kleine Dosis rein, ob nun Radio, Peepshow,Auto, Video,Alkohol, Koks für das Seelenwohl, Tabletten, Automaten und Telefonkarten und...

Drive Like Jehu

  • Atom Jack

    Rats, Handfulla silvers, I just wanted to hop your fence, I wanted to wade, I wanted to wallow, I wanted somebody to rub my neck. Yeah, you should be happy to see me, be glad that I`m not dead.


  • Into The Wire

    (R. Resmini) Unmistakable, the scent, the chill in the air Feel Autumn creep into place Those uncharted thoroughfares and shallows deep Speak in intricacies Pale illumination secret emotions For ransom behind a paper mask In...

Starland Vocal Band

  • Afternoon Delight

    Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight Gonna grab some Afternoon Delight My motto`s always been When it`s right, it`s right.

Starlight Dragons

  • Everyday The Same

    [Sonny speaking] We go together,or we don`t go at all [Verse 1] Everyday we go to school But we don`t listen to the rules `Cause we are not foolish Everyday it`s all the same We don`t want to work,but get the fame This is...

Third Moon

  • Aquis Submersus

    In frozen cascades of molten aeons through served clouds I danced once at one with the tears now I stay and the silk of serpent blindness betrays In welkin slumber that gallowed me I wept the crimson unhallowed sea But rivers sti...

Zion Y Lennox

  • Dont stop

    Don`t Stop
    Zion y Lennox
    Motivando A La Yal SE

    Zion Babyyyyyyyyy
    Motivando Ala Yal
    y Lennox

    q le den q le den q q le den q
    q le den q le den q q...

Cyril Tawney

  • Chicken On A Raft

    Skipper`s in the wardroom drinking gin, (Hey -oh, chicken on a raft)
    I don`t mind knocking but I ain`t going in, (Hey -oh, chicken on a raft)
    `Jimmy`s` laughing like a drain, (Hey -oh, chicken on a raft)
    Been looking at m` `com...

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