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  • Beautiful But Deadly

    Ayo Stan, Dre layed the tracks, I`m laying the vocals
    We need some guitar that ROCKS, know what I`m saying?
    So um, let`s do this

    She`s a rich girl, but not the ordinary
    Extraordinary, a little too much to carry...


  • a short history of the end of the world

    Artist: Gwar Album: We kill Everything Song: A Short History Of The End of The World (Part VII (the Final Chapter (abbr.))) Tabber: Claybrain ( tabber: Tuning: dropped E (Eb or D..

Hell Razah f 7th Ambassador, Baghdad

  • This Is 4 My GG`z

    [Chorus: Hell Razah] +This Is 4 My GG`z+, on the corner gettin mad cheese Wide g`s, wit them O.Z.`s +This Is 4 My GG`z+, workin hard gotta feed they seeds You either draw blood or you bleed +This Is 4 My GG`z+, up north gettin no v`s Workin hard, tryna...

Kris Dayanti

  • Can`t Remember A Time

    can`t remember a time
    i didn`t love you
    can`t remember a day
    when you are not on my mind
    can`t remember a dream
    that i wasn`t love you
    no i oh i

    can`t remember a time
    i didn`t need you

Sloppy Meateaters

  • Brand New Kind Of

    Typically I`m set to lose you Immitate my every move Your convictions, my invention I`m so sorry you`re not me No I don`t wanna see your face no more I don`t want you saying my name no more I don`t wanna make your scene no more ...

OG Style

  • Catch `Em Slippin

    [ The E (& DJ Boss ) ] Hey yo Boss (Yo, what`s up?) Yo man, we been waitin on this break for a long time (Word, long time, gee) But yo, why don`t we take it on that other level and this time we`ll go nationwide (Yo, but what about the doubters?) Yo man...

Class of `01

  • The End Of The Line

    I`ll always remember All the times we`ve been through And I know I`ll never forget you That`s just something I can`t do.

Class Of 99

  • Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

    We don`t need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave the kids alone Hey, teacher leave the kids alone! All in all it`s just another brick in the wall All in all you`re just another brick in the wall We ...

Classics Four

  • Traces

    Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases, tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces... Traces of love, long ago, that didn`t work out right.. Traces of love.

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