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Sizzla f Bone Crusher, Killer Mike, T.I.

  • Solid as a Rock (Never Scared Remix)

    [Intro: Sizzla] Oh ah oh ah yay! Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh, yeah ay yeah ay! [Verse 1: Sizzla] + (Scratch sample from Bone Crusher) They can`t keep a good man down always keep a smile when they want me to frown Keep the vibes and they stood my grounds,...

Mac Dre and Mac Mall

  • Da U.S. Open

    -= Mac Dre talking= Da U.S. Open [uh, hello, uh] Let the games begin [hello, uh, hello] [Mac Dre] You white around the mouth Your lips need car-mex I`m steady jumpin` out more whips than Car Max I`m rock star stooey wit the Louie guitar strap Get weed...

Daft Punk

  • aerodynamic

    This song is pretty cool considering its made by some daft punks. This is the correct version (minus the fx pedal) <--------x4 <--------x4 <--------x4 <--------x4 e-10---7-------10---7-------15----12--------12----9---------------- B----7---...

Майк Мироненко (фабрика звезд-5)

  • Лучше меня

    Неужели же он лучше меня? Лучше меня Лучше меня Что же в нем ты уж такого нашла Чего нет у меня Нет у меня Он ворвался словно злой ураган Нас он разбил напополам Ведь ломать не строить Это он знал Все у меня отнял Лучше меня? (Лучше тебя) Да, возможно...

Олег Щетников

Daryl Hall and John Oates

  • Adult Education

    Sounds from the distant past, a ghost of my mind
    Raging currents which I created in my head
    Imprisoned me as I went too close
    To its final aim - within this moment
    In the gentle breeze I see it
    Through boundless cor...


  • Anything

    (feat. Next)

    Yea ooh yea yea yea yea

    [1- Next]
    You can have anything I got
    All of me right on the spot
    You can have anything that I own
    Work my finger...

Prodigy, The

  • Breathe

    Breathe with me
    Breathe the pressure, Come play my game I`ll test ya
    Psycho-somatic atic-insane
    Breathe the pressure, Come play my game I`ll test ya
    Psycho-somatic atic-insane
    Come play my game
    Inhale inhale.

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