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  • 2 Hard Mutha`s

    Yo Dre where`s the goddamn drum machine?

    Aw shit I left the muthafucka with Poog

    You dumb muthafucka
    what the fuck we gonna do now?

    Hey, man I ...

Kevin Max

  • Confessional Booth

    if angels were men well then they couldn`t fly
    if birds had souls they would forever glide
    if people would love then more of us would be alive
    oh my my oh my
    if you were me you wouldn`t sleep at night

    i ...

Cimmerian Path

  • ...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered So

    Damned celestial realm, a local bewitched Shall apperceive its hindmost incessant torment Unencumbered nightfall has been distraught In its dominion iniquity Entrusting bloodthirsty actions of vengeance and torment...

Bata Ilic

  • Michaela

    Dunkel war die Nacht kein Vogel sang und ich ging allein am Fluß entlang da sah ich Dich dort am Ufer stehn und Du gingst mit mir es war so schön Du bist alles für mich - denn ich liebe nur Dich Michaela a ha...

Matt Caplan

  • Angel Eyes

    He`s on the bathroom floor again, The cold is seeping through Otherwise the burning sheet of skin. He says everybody`s gone, But he knows in his head He says everyone`s alone.

Юрий Визбор, Михаил Левин

  • Мама я хочу домой!

    Стихи Юрия Визбора

    и Михаила Левина

    Музыка Юрия Визбора


    Снова нас ведут куда-то,


    И не ясен нам маршрут,


Bates Katherine Lee

  • America The Beautiful

    O beautiful for spacious skies For amber waves of grain For purple moutain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood Fro sea to shining sea! O beautiful for...

Matt Goss

  • Believe

    Rule the world, touch the sun Put a needle through the moon and watch it bleed Break the walls, scratch the floors Take the gold and make it yours Cos youre a million miles from the sand that plays Times on your and I must sa...

Dj Clue

  • Back To Life 2001

    [Mary J. Blige w/ Soul II Soul in background] Steady are you ready? (are you ready?) What`s goin on? (whats goin on?) Steady are you ready? (are you ready) What`s goin on? (tell me whats goin on) Cold fresh air feeeel the mellow d...

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