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Angelic Upstarts

  • Solidarity

    all the polish workers fight to make their stand and behind them evry honest working men in unity there`s each otherand your friend becomes your brother and in the tyrant`s heart will be a lesson learned give them hopegive them s...

Destiny`s Child F.- Da Brat

  • Survivor (Remix)

    [Da Brat] Welcome to the wonderful world of Destiny`s Child I`m Da Brat-tat-tat, my homeboy Den on the track and we gon` lay you flat on yo` back when the beat-boom-boom-pat-pat like that, y`heard me? We comin in this game like so...

Angelica Grimes

  • Wanna Know

    CHORUS Don`t you ever wanna know how much that I love you? Don`t you ever want to know, oooohhh? I know that I dont tell you as much as I really should, but baby know I love you, you! F.Y.I this is not a ...

Angelika Milster

  • Memories (cats)

    Mondlicht, schau hinauf in das Mondlicht, geh ins Land der Erinnrung, auf der mondhellen Bahn. Und wenn Du dort erfahren hast was Glück wirklich ist, fängt ein neues Leben an. Träume, die Erinnrung im Mondlicht.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

  • A Keeper For Every Flame

    (Mary Chapin Carpenter) She says it`s been so long, she can`t remember when The mention of his name didn`t make her feel again That everything is possible and every day a brand new start Yeah, love`s something powerful when it fi...

Аркадий Арканов

  • Большой привет

    На дворе трава, На траве дрова, Не хочу рубить дрова На траве двора. Это не хандра, Просто пять утра, Для тебя любовь - игра, А мне спать пора. Беды здесь нет, обиды нет, Это просто Мои часы спешат На тридцать лет.

Юрий Визбор, Ген Шангин-Березовский

  • Голубая звезда

    Стихи Ю.Визбора

    Музыка Г.Шангина-Березовского

    Я много изъездил дорог:

    Ищу и никак не найду

    В созвездиях дальних миров

    Свою голубую звезду.

    Шли годы, ме...


  • After Dark

    (Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) She walks down the line, no sense of time eternity... she talks of the years, blinded by tears her magesty...

The Locust

  • An Extra Piece of Dead Meat

    aim for the heart `cause you`ve seen it on t.v., aim for the heart `cause you`ve seen it in a movie. often given what is wanted. because blood only mixes with so many other chemicals.

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