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Helter Skelter w Originoo Gun Clapazz

  • Leflah Leflour Eshkoshka

    * originally appeared as the extended version of Leflah on Fab 5`s Blah 12 Intro: Yes The name of this shit here is Leflour Leflah Eshkoshka The Fab 5 Chorus: Rock Yes yes y`all (yes y`all) O.G.C., Heltah Skeltah be the best y`all (best y`all) Fab ...

Mark Chestnutt

  • Don`t Wanna Miss a Thing

    I could stay awake just to hear you breathin` Watch you smile while you`re sleepin` While you`re far away and dreamin` I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Every moment spent with ...

Mark Collie

  • Born to Love You

    Some people go through life Never knowing why theyre here They never find someone like you The moment I touched your hand And looked into your eyes I knew what I was meant to do (Chorus) I was born to love you I was born to love...

The Go-Betweens

  • Bow Down

    You opened my mail Apart at the seams Now you know I live beyond my means Beneath my bed There`s gold in the earth Above the price That gold is now worth Never to Bow Down Don`t you ever slow down You live with a prince You live w...

Sinai Beach

  • ...Of A Man

    Gone to bed, turned off the lights, and closed your eyes, does your emptiness come as a surprise. DonжЉ° live a lie. Reach deep down and pull up your insides. Look at whatжЉЇ exposed, ponder.

Mark King

  • Bitter Moon

    Those kissing words that come out of your mouth Sweet promises to break my heart You talk of love and I begin to trust I dont know why Im scared Those kissing words they climb inside my head They cloud my mind like purest p...

Sinatra Frank

  • A Hundred Years From Today

    Writers: J.Young/Washington/V.Young Hey don`t save your kisses - just pass `em around You`ll find my reason - is logically sound Who`s gonna know that you past them around A hundred years from today And why crave a penthouse - tha...

A Shrine

  • Break

    Feels like this, when I`m lying
    Lego man, without eyes
    Record shop, [...] street watch
    Cheer him up anymore
    I don`t lie, my life

    Feel depressed when I`m laughing
    And my friend, my own head
    Seems t...


  • Flight Of Torek

    [Narrator: Tobias Sammet] [Talon: Glenn Hughes] [Torek: Thomas Rettke] [Backing Vocals: Robert Hunecke-Rizzo] [Narrator:] The King has ruled a reign of long And good and fair he was to all But alas, the sun sets on his time Which...

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