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Mark Chestnutt

  • Don`t Wanna Miss a Thing

    I could stay awake just to hear you breathin` Watch you smile while you`re sleepin` While you`re far away and dreamin` I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Every moment spent with ...

Mark Collie

  • Born to Love You

    Some people go through life Never knowing why theyre here They never find someone like you The moment I touched your hand And looked into your eyes I knew what I was meant to do (Chorus) I was born to love you I was born to love...

The Go-Betweens

  • Bow Down

    You opened my mail Apart at the seams Now you know I live beyond my means Beneath my bed There`s gold in the earth Above the price That gold is now worth Never to Bow Down Don`t you ever slow down You live with a prince You live w...

Sinai Beach

  • ...Of A Man

    Gone to bed, turned off the lights, and closed your eyes, does your emptiness come as a surprise. DonжЉ° live a lie. Reach deep down and pull up your insides. Look at whatжЉЇ exposed, ponder.

Mark King

  • Bitter Moon

    Those kissing words that come out of your mouth Sweet promises to break my heart You talk of love and I begin to trust I dont know why Im scared Those kissing words they climb inside my head They cloud my mind like purest p...

Sinatra Frank

  • A Hundred Years From Today

    Writers: J.Young/Washington/V.Young Hey don`t save your kisses - just pass `em around You`ll find my reason - is logically sound Who`s gonna know that you past them around A hundred years from today And why crave a penthouse - tha...

A Shrine

  • Break

    Feels like this, when I`m lying
    Lego man, without eyes
    Record shop, [...] street watch
    Cheer him up anymore
    I don`t lie, my life

    Feel depressed when I`m laughing
    And my friend, my own head
    Seems t...


  • Flight Of Torek

    [Narrator: Tobias Sammet] [Talon: Glenn Hughes] [Torek: Thomas Rettke] [Backing Vocals: Robert Hunecke-Rizzo] [Narrator:] The King has ruled a reign of long And good and fair he was to all But alas, the sun sets on his time Which...

Ainslie Henderson

  • Keep me a secret

    verse 1 I`m trying not to feel you but you just brushed by and if you dare to cross that line you know my toes will step on fire ohhh sizzle when its face on face and skin on skin i`m trying to keep you out and i`m trying to k...

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