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Norah Jones

  • Above Ground

    Underground I`m waiting Just below the crowded avenue Watchin` red lights fading out of view Oh the air feels heavy Everything just passes by And I think that I`m a little shy Meet me outside above ground I see you on y...

Styles of Beyond f Spaceboy Boogie X

  • Hollograms

    [Ryu] Chasin me - follow a visual mist Imprint`s a tiger fist, fly swift, attackin Kodak So get your camera ready if you plan to catch a `hollo- -grammar` dope lyrical nut so suck and swallow Borrow, a pencil and a sack of common sense so you can take ...

Diamond Shell

  • Back Again

    [Diamond Shell] Back again, Shell the mellow fellow Droppin bass like a cello, shakin like Jell-o I wear and tear a sucka from here to there Put my rhymes in 5th gear and yo, I`m outta here You beat the Shell? C`mon, picture that Hey yo I never been b...

First Degree

  • Abundance

    She said in a dejected gloom She said lost all my energy Lost all my cheer She said what`s turning me down She said lost all my dignity This girl`s not me She astraid her destination Abundance Took her shiny glance Recognised her...

Cypress Hill f B Smooth

  • Cyrpress Hill IV

    Intro: B-Real and Sen Dog B-Real: Mira joven... si busco a alguien, que mueva producto pero que lo mueva con madre... Sen Dog: Pos sabes que compa?... yo aqui, en el norte yo soy el que controla yo te lo puedo mover todo...

Davy DMX f Sweet T, Iyoni J

  • The DMX Will Rock (Rap Remix)

    T: Sweet Tee J: Iyoni J B: Both Verse One: T: Hello party people, my name is Sweet Tee And comin` to ya quite live The Almighty Davy D Now that we have the stage and the spotlight too Sweet Tee and Davy D`ll rock the party for you He`...

Letters To Cleo

  • Acid Jed

    So the sky is crumbling. I am not afraid `cause you see this too. So my hands are shaking. I am not afraid `cause you`ve got it bad.

Nelly C.Aguilera

  • Tilt ya head back

    Yeah, that`s tight (uh) Check it, drop the drum right (hmmm..yeah) Put some horns in it..woo! (that`s right) Do it again (yeah yeah, ha oooh oooh alright, ha) Give her what she want, give her what she want uh I see you lookin`, uh like what you see? B...

Cappadonna f Method Man, U-God

  • Supa Ninjaz

    (repeating in background: rock, the body body -- rock the body body [U-God] Dino the dart specialist Knahmean? Golden Arms, yo Meth-Tical, John John do your thing thing What? Check it The all eye seein, heavenly divine The truth brings out, the temp...

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