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Mo Thugs f Cat Cody, Krayzie Bone, Tombs

  • Ain`t Said No Names

    [Cat Cody] No, no, no, no, no We ain`t said no names, y`all We know just who you are And exactly why you came Now wouldn`t it be real fucked up If we start namin` names? We ain`t said no names [Krayzie] I can remember back in the day if you bit anothe...

Richard Cliff

  • All That Matters

    The love in you and the love in me That`s all that matters All the rest is just vanity That time will shatter The only treasure in the life we live Is in the measure of the love we give All that matters in the end will be The love...

Mr. Serv-On f Big Ed, Mo B. Dick

  • We Ain`t The Same

    [Mr. Serv-On] What`s up Big Ed? [Big Ed] Just chillin man [Serv-On] What`s up with you and your girl bro? [Big Ed] Man I don`t fuck with that ho, that bitch is stupid, she don`t fuck with a gangsta yo [Serv-On] Man I aint tryin to hear that shit.

Silkk The Shocker f Master P, Mo B. Dick

  • Thug `N` Me

    [Master P] Keep your head up boo, Girl feel me, and if you love me, you gon` love me till they kill me Girl feel me, girl feel me, I`m a thug, but love me till they kill me Girl feel me, feel me, I`m a thug, but girl, love me till they kill me Feel me,...

Taylor James

  • Blossom

    Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way Lately, I`ve been lonesome Blossom, it`s been much too long a day Seems my dreams have frozen Melt my cares away Send the sunshine down my way whenever you call my name I know what you mean...

Scarface f Doracell, Master P

  • Homies and Thugs (Remix)

    Verse 1: (Scarface) Ghetto niggaz remain violent all the killers remain silent niggaz strapped with 45`s and ain`t smiling And I`m driving to a place they`re all rome` the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home In the ghetto the only place ...

Kate Bush

  • A Coral Room

    There’s a city, draped in net
    Fisherman net
    And in the half light, in the half light
    It looks like every tower
    Is covered in webs
    Moving and glistening and rocking
    It’s babies in rhythm
    As the spi...

dag nasty

  • (16 Count)

    ooooohhh 16 count... lisel... chicken sandwich...batman


dagostino gigi

  • ill fly with you

    These are the chords for I`ll Fly With You by Gigi Dagostino. The chords are repeated throughout the whole song.

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