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Red Core

  • Hell Over Earth

    A disrespecting noise Hundred times you told me The demons coming from hell But now they`re fucking bored And seems to be over By now What`s the matter with you ? I`m your worst nightmare Such destroying soul He is backing right n...

Red Harvest

  • Beyond The End

    Body Modification X-Treme An Auto Erotic Stimulation Humans Have Entered The Domain Of Interference Distortions Have Become A Part Of Reality Wiring The Flesh Life - Art - Body-Thech Creating New Shades Of Existence Humanit...


  • (An Ode To) The Autumnlands

    Above the silvery lake of a sleepers kingdome we danced... ...in perpetual light, reaching for the waves though never sharing it`s warmth Enstranged from beauty we were part of the sky.


  • lay it on thick

    Song: Lay It On Thick Artist: Mindjive Album: Chemicals Tabbed by: Devlin Thornicroft Tab explanation the intro contains / 5 / 5 / this means you slide to the 5th fret twice then slide away.

Havoc and Prodeje (SCC) f Bloody Meat, L

  • Endo Glide

    [HAVOC] Yeah this is some of that laid back Prodigal G-funk for the 9-4 With A Havocal twist I got a sack of orange I`m finna take me a ????? and be like ???? [PRODEJE] Taa-dow, back up in your ass for the fourth time Mill.


  • 24 7 In May 911

    I got my top down
    And I`m ready to roll
    Watch me go now
    I`m leaving this town
    To the Costa del Sol
    Come on let`s go now

    The stars are out tonight
    The moon is shining down on me
    With ...


  • Antiseptic Poetry

    Is hate really negative, is love really positive? Its not place to speak about emotion Other side of my face, dealing with devotion Who will want to know? too hard to be personal Who will want to know? run the risk of losin...

Jona Lewie

  • Louise (we Get It Right)

    Oh you never keep me waiting Never need for complaining You got a lot of understanding - Oh Babe you are amazing. And I like you a lot `cos you do not make me run You`re the best I ever had `cos you take me as I come.


  • Come Go With Me

    Things we say every day Come home from work late again Work so hard and never play I can`t wait to take you far away Don`t you know, don`t you know Gotta go, gotta go Can`t you feel strong, everyone every day Get away, get ...

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