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Pooh-Man f Jet

  • Judgement Day

    [Jet] It`s Judgement Day and like you mothafuckas can`t stop me Fuck being dropped, nigga, you gotta Glock me I`m judging these fucking cowards, bitch Only 18 and feeling that first power shit Mad Family got a nigga on strong status These outlanders ca...


  • 3 in the Head

    Do or die! (2X)

    Come on stand up, still-a, a nigga that`s gettin iller
    If you`re weak and/or you`re sleepin
    (then what?) you get the cap I peel up
    And til-I, I kill a sucker duck dope dealer
    Sold ...

Freddy Fresh

Jonell f Kool G. Rap, Method Man, Pharoa

  • Round & Round (Extended Remix)

    [Intro: some DJ (Jonell)] Sound... bombing... (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, uh) [Method Man] I was gutter when you met me, gutter when you left me Gutter when you came back, face it, nothin` can change that Not romance or marriage counselin`, you dropp...

Виктор Жуков

  • Первая песня о первой песне

    Виктор Жуков

    Ни для бравады, ни для почета -

    Анкету заполняю для зачета,

    Испытываю ужас от вопросов,

    Анкетой моя психика задета.

    Ответить можно прос...

Jonell f Method Man

  • How High Soundtrack/Round & Round CD-5

    * send corrections to the typist [Jonell] All the game that you were spittin, I know that you was trippin Never thought to see me dippin but I had to get missin I`m tired of you stressin me, why don`t you let it be Comin around cussin me, fuckin wit m...

Pete Rock f Pharoahe Monch

  • Just Do It

    [Hook 1: Pharoahe Monch (Pete Rock)] (Yeah), uhh, (uhh), yes Yes, uhh, come on, (do it), yeah, uhh You want that iced out watch don`t ya (right) You want a brand new glock don`t ya (right) You want to hold the block down for ya mens locked down Till th...

Army Of Lovers

  • Also Sprach Alexander

    Beneath the tower of death
    A flock of vultures gather
    For the holy feast
    The last vision of my life
    A stormy cloud of feathers
    What fire wouldn`t touch
    Are the remnants of my body
    To vultures under a ste...

Xzibit f Ras Kass, Saafir

  • At the Speed Of Life

    Intro: Arabian Voice:Doctor, Doctor, I need help Doctor Nurse:Sit down and wait your turn Xzibit: Sit your ass down Saafir: You have, scars in your mask like Seal That ain`t for real We`ll have to fix that, yo nigga sit back Xzibit: Your flow remind ...

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