At the Speed Of Life — текст песни (Xzibit f Ras Kass, Saafir)

Arabian Voice:Doctor, Doctor, I need help Doctor
Nurse:Sit down and wait your turn
Xzibit: Sit your ass down

You have, scars in your mask like Seal
That ain`t for real
We`ll have to fix that, yo nigga sit back

Your flow remind me of a nigga that I just don`t feel
Same style and delivery
Might as well have his grill
Pass the scaple, the alcohol, plants
25 hundered get you style enhanced
It`s like...

This, mask right will lift your grill
It`ll put height in your mack
Don`t take to much off
If you want a nose like Michael Jackson

If you want it done right, nigga come see this
maybe even send your bitch
We can fix them tits
From a C cup to a double D cup
Make them big shits, doctor lick em, yeah

I like to, axe em, jack em for their financial
need a facial I`ll change the skin tone in the inner racial
After I`m done, you might have a little pouch tone
Nothin` my scaple can`t fix
What kind of face you want

Singing Voice:
I want the kind that make me look like I can rhyme

It`ll cost you

Singing Voice:
But I can find the skrilla, if I can have that nigga face named Saafir!

That`s inposterous, plus I never cloned a microphone
What type of shit you on, I hope you got insurance
Before I sit you on my gurney
And lead you to an anestetic breather
If ya not broke, I`ll save your face like dope and make it right
Casue being fake ain`t tight
You need plastic surgury

I hear the same ole rhymes, the same ole style
(It seems you need plastic surgury)X5

I`m located, at, the bottom of the black list
I like to malpractice, complicate a surgury
Intoxicated, smoke cigaretts, drop ass in your gases
feel the utencil, knife is dull like a pencil
And what?
When a nigga place pussy get fucked
Without a kiss or a hug, like contaminated blood,
Transfused from a junkie
With the hair of Jones, I reconstruct the bones
Of all hip hop clones

Ras Kass:
I date fat girls that weight 215
With low self esteem, cause it`s easier to get the pussy
I`m performing vinyl liposuctions

Phat MC

Ras Kass:
Phat production, motherfuckin` facial reconstruction
Needles injected 33 RPM of anestic for ? to require cosmetic
sex changes from bitch niggas to ra ra niggas
the only cure for sick lyrics is to implant a hit gimmick

This shit is full blown, you better head to the clinic
After Captain Save A Hoe, we had the luitenit
Operate get straight, we hear to seperate the fake from the classic
niggas get blasted if they plastic


Ras Kass:
I`m like Dougie Howser MD with a desert eagle

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