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Наталья Сенчукова

  • Ангел

    Я закрывала глаза, я возвращалась домой
    И тихий голос твой дрожал как свет надо мной
    И ты летел в небеса, сгорая синей звездой
    Я не могла отпустить и не могла быть с тобой

    Белые крылья облаком стаи

Bravo All Stars

  • Let the music heal your soul

    Oh if someone writes a song
    With a simple rhyme
    Just a song
    Where his feeling show
    And if someone feels the same
    About the simple song
    Oh sometimes
    You can hear them sing
    Music gives you happiness ...

Gina G

  • Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit

    You`re my love, you`re my sweetest thing
    Don`t shy away, don`t shy away
    Every night makes me hate the days
    Can`t get enough of your love
    Am I wrong, am I so unkind
    Show me the way, don`t turn away
    I can`...

Insane Clown Posse

  • $50 Bucks

    Yeah, hehehe
    Hey yo J
    What`s up player?
    You know they don`t like juggalos over there
    $50 bucks says you don`t get nothin
    Man, let me tell you somethin
    Check this out (What up?)

Whitney Houston

  • A Lovely Night

    Stepsister Itlooks that way Stepsister The way you say Stepmother She talks as if she knows Brandy I do not know that this is so I only just suppose I suppose it when you come into the ballroom and the room its self is floating in the air and if your...


  • Love Is All

    Was raining in my heart Falling deep inside of me Drowning in my soul This silence rushes over me I am breath against this fire And I will not turn away I`m waiting for time to carry me Like a tempest to the sea Standing strong Wa...

C-Murder f Master P, Silkk the Shocker,

  • C-P-3.com

    [C-Murder talking] Now what chu` niggas really gonna do if we come for you Huh, what chu` really gonna do niggas It`s real out here [Ms.


  • A poem for Byzantium

    (vocals: Joanna Stevens)

    unforbidden shadows of you formed yesterday
    i ran away to a room here on the bay
    interrupted life again, another new beginning
    where the silence echoes you`re no longer with me



  • Batticuore

    Apro gli occhi e penso ancora a te Mi bastava solo una parola Cerco ancora le carezze tue Tu mi dai la mia felicit Illusioni che si perdono Ed il tempo che passa e se ne va Vibrazioni che non tornano E mi manca la tua felicit Batt...

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