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fisting jack

  • inbred

    E------------------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------------------------ D-----------------------------------------------...

jennings asa

  • if i knew

    If I Knew Words & Music by Asa Jennings C Verse 1 On a night when I just won’t win F I will still think C My luck might change G They can see ...

R. Kelly feat. Ja Rule

  • Been Around The World

    [CHORUS] I been around the world And gets nuthin but love For who I am I thank my fans so much Even though some may hate Still I appreciate All my friends and family That kept it real with me [R KELLY] I been around the world and back like what up Eas...

Talent f Vegas Cats

  • Every Which Way

    [Talent] (Rodney Jerkins) Boom, boom, boom (Now what was that they say about Rockland, uh) Boom, boom, boom Boom, boom, boom (Now what was that they say about Darkchild, uh) Boom, boom, boom Boom, boom, boom (Now what was that they say about Rodney, uh...

jennings waylon

  • a long time ago

    ******************* A LONG TIME AGO ******************* performed by Waylon Jennings. Capo on the 2nd fret.

Tha Dogg Pound f Snoop Dogg

  • Every Single Day

    [Singer] Every single day, oooh, every single day I`ve got to have it, every single day I gotta have it, every single day [Kurupt] Yo it`s on nigga, a stick up motherfucker Boo-ya! went the fo`-fo`, there goes another Nigga, playin, the roll of the tu...

AndrК Stade

  • Feuer, Wind & Eis

    kannst Du so zärtlich sein zu mir
    träumst in meinen Armen

    sagst Du mir Worte, daß ich frier`

    Du läßt mich fallen
    hebst mich auf
    Du kannst der Hi...


  • Girl From The Gutter

    For all the things you said I`d never do For all the things you said that were untrue For all the times you made me feel alone Said I`d never make it on my own Things are lookin` up for me now It seems like Karma`s makin` it...

Quanie Cash f Young Buck, Gutter Boy

  • Money Don`t Fall Out Tha Sky

    [Young Buck talking] Young Buck, Quanie Cash and Gutter Boy nigga We come to tell all you broke niggaz to get yo stash on get cash on nigga! Ain`t no telling when this motherfucka `bout to blow And these motherfuckers running around here with nothing i...

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