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The Dictators

  • (I Live For) Cars And Girls

    Well I`m the type of guy who`s into getting high on a Friday afternoon So now you know I`m a regular Joe and I`ll tell you what I like to do I like to make the scene In my machine I like to make the scene I leave `em in another s...

birthday party

  • 6 inch gold blade

    Artist- the birthday party song- 6 gold blade written by- nick cave G-----------------------| | D-------5-3-----5-3-----| | repeat ad nauseum A-0-3-5----0-3-5---0-3-5| | E-----------------------|



  • Black Fate

    In the beginning I saw only silence and cold Then the vision I told, after I`ve behold A child was born under devilish reign To support the one under blackened name His powers grew strong as he aged to a man To perform his task at...

Red Core

  • Hell Over Earth

    A disrespecting noise Hundred times you told me The demons coming from hell But now they`re fucking bored And seems to be over By now What`s the matter with you ? I`m your worst nightmare Such destroying soul He is backing right n...

Red Harvest

  • Beyond The End

    Body Modification X-Treme An Auto Erotic Stimulation Humans Have Entered The Domain Of Interference Distortions Have Become A Part Of Reality Wiring The Flesh Life - Art - Body-Thech Creating New Shades Of Existence Humanit...


  • (An Ode To) The Autumnlands

    Above the silvery lake of a sleepers kingdome we danced... perpetual light, reaching for the waves though never sharing it`s warmth Enstranged from beauty we were part of the sky.


  • lay it on thick

    Song: Lay It On Thick Artist: Mindjive Album: Chemicals Tabbed by: Devlin Thornicroft Tab explanation the intro contains / 5 / 5 / this means you slide to the 5th fret twice then slide away.

Havoc and Prodeje (SCC) f Bloody Meat, L

  • Endo Glide

    [HAVOC] Yeah this is some of that laid back Prodigal G-funk for the 9-4 With A Havocal twist I got a sack of orange I`m finna take me a ????? and be like ???? [PRODEJE] Taa-dow, back up in your ass for the fourth time Mill.


  • 24 7 In May 911

    I got my top down
    And I`m ready to roll
    Watch me go now
    I`m leaving this town
    To the Costa del Sol
    Come on let`s go now

    The stars are out tonight
    The moon is shining down on me
    With ...

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