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  • Cancer

    Cancerous Widespread Religious Disease Brainwash Ignorance Controlling the weak Twisted Messages Forgotten Meaning Close Minded Intolerant 2,000 years of hate and lies Freedom denied Blind leading the blind Hatred In disguise 2...

Юрий Волнов

  • В Москве сентябрь

    Юрий Волнов

    В Москве сентябрь, летит листва, погода портится,

    Гремит на кухне сковородками жена,

    Народ в заботах, к зимней спячке все готовятся,

    А я как будто...

Ferry Corsten

  • Skindeep

    Now i`m away from you, and you`re away from me
    Only i feel you here, can make it like it was
    Your heart in my ear, where i placed my head for years
    How can i be one
    Without my heart
    Without my heart

    No ...

Kings of Swing

  • 2 Minutes of Funk

    [ Sugar Kay ] I`m the foremost rap master, yes, I do cast a spell (On the ladies) but I don`t kiss and tell And if you don`t know me well that`s your loss I`m Sugar Kay, servin a three course Meal, so get ready to chow down Yo Mike Master, huh, how tha...


  • (this Could Be) The Last Time

    I`ve been totally re-strung I`m in tune and I`m in love I`m a piano that`s made out of fruit I`m the frog she chose to keep Perhaps not a handsome prince There is nothing I feel I`ve got to prove CHORUS If I fall in love again it ...

Killah Priest f Canibus

  • Bop Your Head

    [Intro: Killah Priest] Yea, yea, yea, yea Yea, yea - fuck that! I`m set it off - yea, yea, ya shitted Ya in some shit now, son It`s on now, motherfuckers can suck my dick I`m back! Fuck that shit! Ready to eat niggaz up, beat they ass and e`rything, so...


  • Blue Monday

    (treats me like you do)

    How does it feel
    to treat me like you do?
    When you laid your hands upon me,
    and told me who you are.

    I thought i was mistaken-
    I thought i heard your words.
    Tell me ...

Theatres Des Vampires

  • Bloodlust

    Ancient ritual in the forest The witches meets for a new sabbath Dancing around the black flames Immersed in the blood of immolated virgins! A malefic orgy in the name of Lucifer Children of evil...born witches They wander and dan...

Flaming Lips, The

  • Bad Days

    You`re sorta stuck where you are
    But, in your dreams you can buy expensive cars,
    or live on mars
    and have it your way

    And you hate your boss at your job
    well in your dreams you can blow his head off
    in ...

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