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David Lee Roth

  • Big Train

    My train your station Full speed across the nation You`ll be brownin` your Bermudas When I blow this tomb with a view, yeah, all right Third rail can`t stand it Santa Fe to the mid-Atlantic I got a steel-wheeled radial Prophylacti...

Camp Kill Your Self

  • Brandons Freestyle

    Who wants to taste my general want to taste my general tso
    I`ma give it to you now
    Who like my chopstick
    hit you when I shit with my little-ass dick.


  • Better Daze

    Assination from The kid of creation Blazin` disaster By devious station Face it A permanent vacation A tastin` from The tree of temptation Blazin` and hazin` But never quite placin` The movement of the stars Pr the rotation Tokin` I`m smokin` From LA t...


  • ...And The Truth Is Lies

    Lock me up from the rest of the world but I`m alive inside my head. Never to tell the world what went wrong, only to save themselves. Ahostile humanity, they make the truth, but the truth is lie.


  • Better Be Careful

    I better be careful what I ask for
    `Cause I been asking for an awful lot, and baby
    I better be careful what I look for
    `Cause I been looking for an awful lot, and baby
    I want to trim your leaves, and baby
    I want to ...


  • Лебединая верность

    Над землей летели лебеди солнечным днем Было им светло и радостно в небе вдвоем И земля казалась ласковой им в этот миг Вдруг по птицам кто-то выстрелил и вырвался крик Что с тобой моя любимая отзовись скорей Без любви твоей небо всё грустней Где же т...

Чай Вдвоем

  • А ты всё ждёшь

    С мерным стуком колёс,
    А счётчик время крутит
    Снова я уезжаю знакомым маршрутом
    Снова я уезжаю незнакомым рассветом
    Задаваясь вопросом Для чего мне всё это?

    Припев: (2 раза)
    А ты всё ждешь меня домой

Equals, The

  • Softly Softly

    I love Jenny - Jenny loves me
    I`m in trouble as you will see
    I went to see Lucy (Lucy)
    This morning at half past three (Whoopie)
    The floorboard started to squeak.

Jim Broadbent, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Richard Roxburgh

  • Spectacular Spectacular

    Spectacular Spectacular
    The words of no vernacular
    Can`t describe this great event
    You`ll be dumb with wonderment
    Rewards are fixed at ten percent
    You must agree that`s excelent
    And on t...

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