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Common f Slum Village

  • Like Water for Chocolate

    Ha, yeah, yeah Uhh, yeah, yeah, play at your own risk Act like you know bitch I`m on some grown shit Ha, yeah, yeah, play at your own risk Act like you know bitch I`m on some grown shit It`s the Thelonious, super microphonist You know us, this rap shit...

Амирамов Ефрем

  • Аленка

    А где-нибудь в вагоне-ресторане
    Тебя ласкает кто-нибудь другой
    А я люблю , люблю тебя, Аленка
    И я хочу, чтоб ты была со мной

    А колеса стучат, и бегут поезда,
    А ты уезжаешь далеко
    И я боюс...

Destiny`s Child f Timbaland

  • Get On the Bus

    [Timbaland] Uhh...Uh...Hey baby - How you? Why ya face lookin` all sad and blue? Don`t you like the Navigator truck I brought you? Why you tryin` to act a fool? Don`t try to say you see me talkin` to ya girlfriend Ask Tonya and Cheryl then give me a pl...

Syleena Johnson f R. Kelly, Fabolous

  • Hypnotic

    [Intro - R. Kelly - talking] Uh, uh, uh, y`all know what this is Uh, so bob your heads Yeah, ladies it`s your boyfriend And uh, Miss Johnson Yeah, (woo) we mixin drinks right now y`all [Syleena Johnson] Your love is so.. [Verse 1 - R.


  • (i`ve Been) Searchin` So Long

    As my life goes on I believe Somehow something`s changed Something deep inside Ooh a part of me There`s a strange new light in my eyes Things I`ve never known Changin` my life Changin` me I`ve been searchin` So lo...

N2Deep (Jay Tee) f Mac Dre and PSD

  • Act a Fool

    (Jay Tee) Now if a bitch is broke, how you `posed to break her (That`s why) Jay Tee only fuck witta many maker She got scratch, bread be a lil` bigga Nice house on the hill, work that seven figa Squeeze the trigga, she be down to blast for me Got me ou...

Snoop Dogg f Swoop G

  • Dead Man Walkin`

    Chorus: You remind me of somebody I used to know, I used to know Snoop ***talkin w/ chorus*** Ya`ll ain`t even gonna believe this shit man Remember that bitch I had That little light skined bitch Yea this bitch was a trip You know how she loved to suc...

Destiny`s Child f Kobe Bryant

  • Say My Name Remix

    [Rodney Jerkins] DarkChild `99 1- [Destiny`s Child] Say my name, say my name If no one is around you, say baby I love you If you ain`t runnin` game Say my name, say my name You actin` kinda shady, ain`t callin` me baby Why the sudden change? S...

Elektric Music

  • Crosstalk

    I`m talking to you I`m talking to you ....... I`m talking to you I`m talking to you cut the superstition let it all hang out make a clear decision and we will work it out crosstalk let it all hang out crosstalk and we will work it...

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