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Capt Barkey

  • Please (Let Me Put It In)

    Please let me put it in baby...come on, come on please let me put it in baby....come on, come on Baby I want to make a legal contract if you give me one time, I got to come back baby don`t complain you`re about to get slap r...


  • 24 Pills

    If I was brave I`d shut my mouth Put an end to our fights I`d jump into a neon light Taste the concrete and break my bones I could be born again As one of your lucky strikes If I wouldn`t fuck up my mind from time to time...

La The Darkman

  • 4 Souls

    Intro: This is how we goin do We goin do this right Word, word is bond Know what Im sayin This is la wid the track Know what Im sayin You know how we do Word up, yo Let dark pass no stunting >from the real Better g...

martinez angie

  • if i could go

    Angie Martinez w/ Sacario and Lil Mo If I Could Go With You At first i thought this intro would be hella easy but it actually took a few minutes to figure out. This song is gangtsa yo.

Captain And Tennille

  • Circles

    He drew a circle that shut me out he was afraid of what life was all about. Whenever I saw him he`d be there inside him locking his heart in a place to hide it. But oh love and I knew just where to begin.

martino al

  • mary in the morning

    Submitted by gary m walters 7.12.01 Recorded by al martino, Written by john cymbal & mike lendel All as such, {C,CB,Am}, are single distinct strums,lower case are notes...


  • Вальс-бостон

    На ковре из желтых листьев в платьице простом Из подаренного ветром крепдешина Танцевала в подворотне осень вальс-бостон Отлетал теплый день и хрипло пел саксафон И со всей округи люди приходили к нам И со всех окрестных крыш слетались птицы Танцовщиц...

D Sisive

  • A Childhood`s End

    featuring Unknown Misery

    (D Sisive)
    My verbal metaphysics be ripping this shit into different coordinates
    In tournaments I`ll kick the lyrics and y`all become my subordinates
    So forfeit your championship

martyn john

  • back down the river

    Full credit for this goes to Jared White (, so please feel free to flame him for my typing mistakes. Back Down the River - John Martyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transcribed by Jared White. CACGCE tuning. Capo 1st fret.

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