Emily — текст песни (Now You See Here Marryanne)

and now we justify your criticism as poor emily claims she`s had enough and now we are all sitting around finding humor in the same joke twice and emily isnt remebering and emily starts a fight but none of us care we just sit there sleeping sound and emily realizes that shes set and forgotten and on the drive home emily has a great awakening she runs home and stares at the last word in a notebook rebellion the storm that preceeded could hardly distinguish her face from his conscie reminded emily of this word and the will of good men and now she shows you the side you`ve never sceen

and emily emily sleeps soundly tonight
and emily emily learns
and emily emily speaks
its all about emily and her rebellibellion
emiy, emily

she reads a book she looks at the pictures and trys to remeber but she cant emily looks out her window to see the monument on the roadside and the boat sitting in weakness out across the lake.

emily thinks emily emily
emily thinks to herself cops are my best customers amd looks out in the backyard at the corn and looks inside herself and finds her ego. her heart the size of a cathederail and who would have known that emily emily would have found herself within herself saying emily emily

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