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MC Lyte f India, G. Salah

  • Break it Down

    (chorus) (G. Salah) Let`s break it down... Let`s break it down... Let`s break it down... Let`s break it down, break it down x2 verse 1 (India) Now it`s India, India, I get into ya, styles I got plenty `a I`m bout it bout it, you know my ones stay crow...

The Herbaliser f Bahamadia

  • When I Shine

    [Bahamadia] You`re not dealin with the typical I`m Queen Order in the physical Original worshippin a little real sense to the art symbol Keepin you in traditional lacin the listener with principles like it`s medicinal in addition to numeral recordables...

Cam`ron w Usher

  • Confessions of Fire

    [Cam`ron] Eh yo, why am I gonna sit here and let ya`ll bug me Cause I met a dime and the girl is lovely And though we in love she ain`t all luvy-duvy Smacks me on the ass and says fast nigga fuck me Don`t worry if my babygirl trust me I don`t do nothi...

Giorgia feat. Ronan Keating

  • We`ve Got Tonight

    (by Bob Seger) I know it`s late,I know you`re weary I know your plans don`t include me Still here we are, both of us lonely Longing for shelter from all that we see Why should we worry, no one will care Look at the stars so far away We`ve got to...

Kinky Friedman

  • Ahab The Arab

    (ray stevens) Let me tell you bout ahab the arab, the sheik of the burning sand, He had emeralds and rubies just a-dripping off a him and a ring on every finger of his hand.

Mariah Carey f Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

  • Breakdown (The Mo` Thugs Remix)

    [Layzie Bone] Don`t Breakdown yet it`s over, over Don`t Breakdown yet it`s over, over Don`t Breakdown yet it`s over, over Don`t Breakdown yet it`s over [Krayzie Bone (1)] (Mariah Carey humming in background) Steady breaking me on down Break breakdown ...

Archie Eversole f Bubba Sparxxx

  • Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style

    [Intro underlies hook] I feel the master, I feel him Y`all ready, they ready Well come on, well come on Y`all ready, they ready We ready, we ready Come on, come on We ready, we ready, come on Come on, come on Break bread ho, break bread ho Come on, bre...

Choobakka f Lady J

  • My Time

    (Choobakka) Girl you know your eyes are killin me And every time I look into your eyes I feel the way you feel me cuz you feelin me (Lady J) I never though you felt that way And you a very special guy and I can tell just by the things you do and thing...

Yukmouth f C-Bo, CJ Mac

  • Smile

    Yuk, what, thug lord, regime West coast, Yukmouth, Mac Mac, uh, check (Verse 1: C-Bo) Mission arrives upon all means, all the cream Baddest bitches you ever seen tatted wit regime Thug Lord, wit the real hard core Keepin it crackin once, prepared for ...

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