Shopaholic — текст песни (bis)

(t-shirts, dresses, books, stickers) the bargain beauty

(seven inches, shoes, glitter) she loves the sales

(hairdye, chocolate, toys, pictures) shops for her friends

(make-up, paper, pens, knickers) shops for herself

When in doubt she will just get both

Shes a shocking shopaholic

Lots of bags, happy all the time

Shes a shocking shopaholic

(computer games, notebooks, bags) draws out a plan

(videos, hairclips, sweets, mags) three for a fiver

(guitars, jumpers, cds, socks) it is so pleasing

(keyrings, jackets, lps, hats) tension releasing

Ive been a happy consumer since 1989

Tell me when the sales start

Yes Im always on time

Ive got a mind like elastic

But Im first in line

You know I have to buy, I need consoling

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