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out of the blue

  • maximum love (craig) subject:tab:maximum love this is easy keep the strumming slow intro: E-|-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0 B-|-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0 G-|-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0-x-x-x-x-0-0 repeat x2 D-|-...

TRU [Disc ONE]

  • Da Crime Family

    [Master P Talking] Yo Silkk and C-Murder just remember as brothers blood is thicker than water and can`t no man women or object infiltrate this family [When my TRU Homies call me I`ll be there When my TRU Homies need me I`ll be there] [C-MURDER] Da...

AZ f Amil

  • How Many Wanna

    [AZ] [Hook] How many chicks wanna fuck tonight? [(Amil)] Tonight How many chicks wanna suck tonight? [(Amil)] Tonight How many chicks wanna fuck and suck and suck? Get fucked and bust tonight? [Verse 1] Lex GS, Wide body, Remy VS Militants niggas see ...

Ruff Ryders (L.O.X.)

  • In Too Deep

    [P.K] Yeah....P. Killer.....L-O-X....Ruff Ryders [Styles] Holiday Styles, catdaddy show me the green And if not, show me the work, show me the fiends I be writing in the week `cause I know the routine Pardon you, light grey off the ?marteen? Nickel t...

Sting & Police

  • 3 O`clock Shot

    From the album Strontium 90 (Pangaea/Ark21)
    Words and music by Sting

    Everyone I know is lonely
    My God’s so far away
    And my heart belongs to no one
    So now sometimes I pray
    Please take this space between ...

Tash f Phil Da Agony, Xzibit

  • Rap Life

    Intro: [Tash] Likwit Crew baby We bout to take this one ghetto, ghetto Universal universe The solar system, the solar system This is goin` out to The Detroit homies The Cleveland homies The Sacramento homies The Oakland homies The Florida homies The At...

Nanci Griffith

  • Alabama Soft Spoken Blues

    Southern man, you sure are pretty, got a smile to still the city, And Lord, you know, you got those sleepy eyes. Alabama sweet-talking baby, calmed the heart of a lonely lady, You kept me flying high, and the leaving easy.

Rascalz f Barryington Levy, Jahfus

  • Top of the World (Kemo`s Yard Mix)

    [Jahfus] What the fuck! [Barryington Levy] Tell them already, we have to tell them again Warn them already, we have to warn them again Tell them already, we have to tell them again Tell them already, we have to tell them again In New York they wants ...

Erick Sermon f MC Lyte, Rah Digga

  • Tell Me

    Get this party started [Erick] Def Squad, yeah, Flipmode Raw Footage, uh, yeah While I write y`all, jump in take a ride with me New hummer, no Lisa`s, a few dom pieces The L-Y-T-E, I cram to understand and The R-A-H D and me E-D, ah Hey Mr.

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