Another World — текст песни (Brian May)

In another world
Under another sky
I see another story waiting to be told
And another you
Wakes up with another me
For that`s the way we`ve come to be
In another world

In a different place
Way across time and space
A door is open wide
Drawn to a different light
Maybe we`ll step inside

In another world
We can show we care
You can be sure I`m waiting there
In another world

Oooh yeah
When the dice were cast
They laid a crazy path
We follow to our graves
But I know in a different world
We journey a different way

So we live
But life isn`t what it seems
We`re only living in our dreams
In another world

You can believe I`ll meet you here
In another world
Taken From The Album ANOTHER WORLD

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