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One Man Army

  • All Your Friends

    Could try all I want but still not break free crucified to the masses in accordance to conformity not the pain nor the heartache burn me in the end it`s all of the years I`ve wasted So let the friends that used to be friends cast the first stones ...

Brian Kirk And The Jirks

  • At 17

    At 17 my mother`s screams at night could wake the dead Four days this week I didn`t make the bed What`s important to you now is something we don`t share Can you learn to fear when your already scared? I`m lining up defenseless for...

Sooo Nasty and Johnnie B.

  • A G Thang

    1st verse
    open up ur p**** so i can stick my fingers in
    girl suck my d*** i dont care where ur lips been
    so get my d*** hard cause i luv 2 ride
    take off ur shirt what ur titties tryin 2 hide
    i dont care who u r as l...

Brian Littrell

  • One Last Cry

    My shattered dreams and broken Heart are mending on the shelf. I saw you holding hands standing so close to someone else. Now I sit all alone, wishing all my feeling was gone. Gotta get over you?.. Nothing for me to do?..

Brian May

  • All The Way From Memphis

    Good evening Memphis How are we doing Let`s do it Forgot my six-string razor and I hit the sky Halfway to Memphis before I realised Hey, I rang the information, my axe was cold They said she rides the train down to Oreole Well i...

Kurupt f Roscoe, Tri

  • G-TV (Bonus Music CD)

    [Kurupt] Smash Gangsta shit, gangsta shit Yeah y`all wont respect that gangsta shit, nigga California`s Finest under the sun Yeah, who want see me on the 101, bustas? Shut up punk [Hook] Who`s that makin that Gansta Noize? (That`s Kurupt) Dippin throu...

Shannon McNally

  • Down And Dirty

    Come on in through my screen door
    Tell me all your care I`m hear to lend my ears
    Where you been lately? Haven`t seen much around here
    Been hiding out in shade your skins all turned to gray
    Did you eat today? When you comi...

Wyclef Jean f Canibus, Manhunt

  • Gone `Til November 12

    [Wyclef] Yo the Brooklyn Bridge is gonna collapse y`know? Yo this Wyclef Jean and the ReFugee All-Stars up in here Yo what`s this I hear about the police in Brooklyn? Turn this jam up, yo, yo This the type of jam that be getting no airplay I want the w...


  • I Miss You

    I’ve been wondering how you’ve been
    Its been too long since I last heard you voice
    Has your life changed?
    Do you still look the same?
    I miss you
    So many things I didn’t tell you
    So many things you should have ...

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