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Matthew Jay

  • Please Don`t Send Me Away

    Tell me now what have you done
    To justify your life, my son?
    Did you help your brothers when they were down
    And when the bullets flew, did you stick around?

    I had no words, I never spoke.
    If I had said one th...

Starlight Express ( Musical )

  • Next time you fall in love

    I guess Iґm not too good at keeping love alive for long.
    I think Iґve found the answer but the answerґs always wrong.
    My first love was my true love and it should have been my last.
    The only time Iґm happy ґs when ...

Busta Rhymes and Missy `Misdemeanor` Ell

  • Get Contact

    [Missy] When I through my uh!! in it I split it Mess around, make you ask who did it Forget your pride go admit My stank butt make you wonder who shitted Whoa there kitty Got a fitty from the city got a minute now I`m chillin (Talk to me now) No time y...


  • No Lado Do Farol

    No Lado Do Farol Fui te procurar Na esquina onde te conheci Pra te perguntar Ficou feliz por estar no mar? No ouvi nada da tua resoluo No ficou nada claro - presta bem ateno L fora tem o sol no lado do farol T todo mundo caindo no...


  • Between Goldberg

    [music & lyrics by Don Anderson] Goldberg`s variations had permitted sleep And the turning in my stomach had awakened me The dim blue light through my window Had all but calmed me I would stay up late into the night Unti...


  • Cursed

    Could today have got any worse I`ve got dog crap in my hair And I think I`ve been cursed Dog Crap in my hair I tryed to wash it out But my showers bust I wacked my nose on a chair And I think I`ve been cursed Cursed Chorus: C...


  • Bring Out Your Dead

    The end is near, but have no fear Take a vacation to pits of Hell First-class flight awaits you all We fly to Hell via Twilight Zone The bell tolls noon, the bell tolls doom So bring out your dead and bring your friends too For we...


  • Alone In The Night

    Intro Slowly time is passing somehow I get bye keeping myself busy is my sole occupation I don`t know what I`m doing but it fills my mind putting off the moment when I can`t escape you baby.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

  • Black Night White Light

    (gill/johnson/nash/otoole) We are the leaders And nothing can beat us I feel so good The angels can take you there You better beware Of devil may care *tell me where you want to go We are the leaders Heavens above and...

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