Lit By The Light Of Morning — текст песни (Sculptured)

`Tis love that is lost
My heart lie bleeding
One last time I caress her flesh
On this cold and wet September

`Tis beauty that has vanished
It`s soft light growing dim
Without it life is only living
And death is but the end

The song of the swans is all I hear
I`m lit by the light of morning I shall
never love again
Never place faith in the pleasures of life again
Never turning back
Life`s wonder has abandoned me now
She said, "I`ll be with you till the end"
Then her life was cast away from me
right then
Now all I have is morning
So I`ll bathe in the sunlight...

Alone I`m left to face the night
A drama of nightmare bliss
Captive of it`s scaly arms
And whore to it`s lustful kiss

Alone I am in twilight
Of Autumns cold December warning
By beauty entombed , my love lie cold
Now I wait for morning

The tension of Night`s grasp
I can`t breath, I feel I`m trapped
Without you I`m left as prey
To Night`s dark, grim serenade

I pause and cool my head
I know that memories lie ahead
Filled with passion and tragedy
Oh please, morning rescue me

Where to now?
Alone with the sunlight of dawns magnificence
Conception of a new day

I can breath once more
Shower me with life, and lash me with love

No longer am I captive
To Night`s darkened plays
Or the moon`s shadowed glaze

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