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  • The World Has Come Between Us

    Be Here love And the world has come between us And the world has come between us Be here love And the world has come between us And the world has come between us We are so right here you are so young Let`s misbehave And we`ll fi...

H 20

  • I Dream To Sleep

    Someone glanced across a dance floor Not going home and loving in doorways A room to remember who to meet in Secrets in through your head and out through your mouth.

Dream Death

  • Back From The Dead

    Welcome to my funeral my family and my friends
    I hope you`ve enjoyed the living me because
    the dead one never ends
    Your tears of joy are hid by tears of regret
    You`ll remember my parting ways as the first time
    we re...

Dream Evil

  • Break The Chains

    Locked up he`s been, into his cell They said he has to overcome his fears Living in darkness now for so long Sinking in sorrow and tears Why don`t you break the chains Break the chains Released from the pain It`s time to break th...


  • (I Am) Hell

    Armageddon Karma - The Devil`s got my heart Loosen all hope - And walk through me There are people cold - And people burning Are you one of the damned Born to burn - Mad to live The Second Death repeated Dying again and agai...

Glenn Hughes

  • Addiction

    Let me breathe, my tired body
    Let me sleep inside my bed
    Don`t let me fall into the darkness
    While you weave your tangled web
    Don`t leave me slain beside the gutter
    Show me my flesh, then lock me in,
    Then wash...

H and Claire

  • Centre Of My Heart

    I often wondered about love Was it meant for me? I used to lose myself in dreams I pictured in my head How it all should be But I was wrong, I was so naive Love`s so much better than fantasy Chorus It`s like a waterfall So stro...

OG Spanish Fly f Lil` Joker, Silencer

  • Down For Whatever

    [OG Spanish Fly] What`s up ese It`s that vato OG Spanish Fly Chilling with Lil` Joker off that 805 Silencer coming from that 619 Anyone got a problem with that can eat a fat dick [OG Spanish Fly] This is for the drug dealers, hustlers, busters get no ...


  • So Wrong

    You and me standing on the edge Of a waterfall And through the clouds I can see the sun Shining through it all Lying somewhere forgotten in time Like a stone we are so cold And where we go from here baby I don`t know C...

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