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Virtuoso f Esoteric, Mr.Lif

  • Orion`s Belt

    [Esoteric] Dangerous lyricist, indigenous accent My raps meant ya down fall I surround y`all that sound small In comparison to the magnimous, analyst Paranormal panelist be plannin` this non-stop Mass mutilation when bombs drop The coppers stop the ons...


  • California

    [Verse 1] Starin out my window at you Gettin by aint the same without you And I aint the same without you Can`t even do my thing without you So Long To the one I Love And I remember how it was I wish I could be back there ...

Akins Rhett

  • Katie Brought My Guitar Back Today

    Katie brought my guitar back today That`s how she let me know It`s all over I remember all those nights Sittin` in the fireplace light How she loved to hear me play But Katie brought my guitar back today Katie brought my guitar ba...

Be Bop Deluxe

  • Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

    Bridges and rivers
    And buildings pulled down
    Time spent in places my footsteps had found
    Mirrors in ballrooms lie smashed on the ground,
    Walking with November mists...

    Pathways and windows
    And movies in...

Toby Keith

  • A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

    I was getting kinda tired of her endless chatter
    Nothing I could say ever seemed to matter
    So I took a little drive just to clear my head
    I saw a flashing neon up ahead
    It looked like a place to find some satisfaction

The Good Life

  • Black Out

    ----------------------- Black Out (Track 01) ----------------------- you try too hard for the perfect beginning you`re so let down when the beauty starts fading once beaming with confidence now brooding with doubt pack those pictu...

Akira Yamaoka

  • Cradle Of Forest

    There deep, deep in forest night children dance the waltz
    They laugh whispering hand in hand, just like children like to do
    Their eyes, what are they looking for, white dress flutters the beat
    Their song starting to make some s...


  • Pay the Price

    Verse 1: Yeah um, I pray to the Lord on the floor I swore I`d bring on world war 4 (why?) Cause rappers wanna walk my path But they don`t know that my path is like a plane crash aftermath Vocals of danger Coject our style when told I won`t be caught...

The Goodwill

  • Brethern

    so you could tell me that you werent thinking the same thing just let it go it seemed okay then you never returned my calls why should i even bother nothing is going to happen you just sit by the phone thinkin every 3 seconds it w...

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