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  • ...Of Broken Stones

    Waters unleashed... Fires unbound... Ashes surround my feet as i see how might could work... once more... Shadows that embrace me with their wings of frozen fears - my elements the necromancer`s dream - tear flesh from bone...


  • leave them be

    From augosaid.u.t.s.j@juno.com Fri Mar 21 11:41:45 1997 Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 15:34:25 EST From: Jonathan d King To: guitar@olga.net Subject: Chords: `Leave them be` by `Mothermania` Here`s the chords to Leave them be by M...

JF and CP

  • Cow Stew (Green DayBrain Stew)

    I am a cow so I eat grass. But i`m so fat I can`t move my ass As time ticks by Still I try No place for carrots in my diet On my own here I go I`m having trouble trying to sleep I guess I should`nt have ate the sheep As m...


  • crmbl

    Mothertongue - CRMBL (Main riff) -Bass Tab Normal Tuning (E, A, D, G) tabbed by Alex b. 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3----------------------------------------------------------------...


  • Bouncer

    Going to the kinghts of pythia hall thrashing the goonds and having a ball slamming in the living room dancing in the hall in comes the bouncer adn kicks me in the balls we don`t want you we don`t need you for what, why I didn`t ...

Bushwick Bill feat. Scarface

  • Coming With That Shit

    Haha, yeah ain`t no bangas in this mothafuckin joint nigga Just niggaz on some mack, playa list shit Real shit (Bushwick Bill) I see you punk motherfuckers tryin ta mix me In a place where a mark ol bitch would be So I guess I gotta let that fuckin th...

Beenie Man f Angie Martinez

  • Tell Me (Remix)

    Intro: Angie Martinez/Beenie Man [AM] mashitof [BM] remix [AM] yes yes, we stack money baby [BM] Angie are you ready? [AM] lets go *Beenie Man Reggae Chant* Tell me, what you want (what you want baby) Tell me, what you need (what you need baby) and ...

Bo$$ f Erick Sermon

  • Born Gangstaz

    [E-Dub] The Bo$$, you suckers! [Bo$$] I`m comin to getcha (yea) Tonight when you sleep creepin steady but quick I`m here to tell `em, that B ain`t no petty bitch You run up, you`re gettin stuck - what was goin through your mind when you thought, over ...

Lownoise Charly

  • Fantasy World

    I`m dancing under the moon above and I`m singing my favourite song of love I`m raving on a memory and I`m living in my fantasy with you.

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